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Posted 11/22/16 , edited 11/22/16

Now we all know that in the Anime and Manga everyone has a Dying Will Flame that pretty much encompasses their personalities, what do you think your Dying Will Flame is?

Just to add a little fun I'll put a link at the bottom that will take you to a Dying Will Personality Quiz.. I'd like for everyone to post what you think your flame is first and then reply to your own post with the results you got on the quiz. The why's are optional.
(And if it sounds like I have too much time on my hands... I do)

For those who may not know or remember here are the properties of Flames/

Sky: Harmony

Storm: Disintegration

Rain: Tranquility

Sun: Activation

Lighting: Hardening

Cloud: Propagation

Mist: Construction

And here are the main personality traits of Flames

Sky: Acceptance

Storm: Desire (ex. love, recognition, or respect)

Rain: Reliability

Sun: Activity

Lightning: Ambition

Cloud: Independence

Mist: Creativity

Posted 11/22/16
I always thought I was a Sky because of how open minded I was and also because I didn't match up with any of the others, so I was kinda surprised and not surprised when I took the quiz and it showed that I was, in fact, a Sky. Awesome-Sauce.

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