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Posted 11/22/16 , edited 11/22/16
What is your go to place when you need to buy something through out the year?

It's Costco for me

I like their Lifetime warranty on game consoles

Paid $500-ish for a PS3 way back --the system died on me (probably HDD failure)-- I didn't want to go through the hassle of calling Sony customer service number. I took the system back to Costco

they refunded me the full amount that i paid for the system from 4 yrs or so ago.. I used a portion of the money to buy the PS3 slim ($300) from them and keep the difference

They have the best return policy out there

90 days full refunds electronics-- laptops, tvs, ipads, etc.. with 2 year concierge service-- i replaced my laptop battery free of charge through this service since it died 1 1/2 year after purchase.

Amazon Prime has more products but i don't like the shipping time and returns to them is kind of a hassle.

Amazon Prime vs. Sam's Club vs. Costco: Which has the best deals?

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Posted 11/22/16 , edited 11/22/16
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Amazon Prime

I used to have a Costco membership when I lived in Kansas City, MO (lived only a block away from the one on Main Street, it was nice). The issue is that I've always had a ridiculous amount of hassle with returns and repairs with their devices. I had used my Costco membership to purchase a laptop for work (which was reimbursed by the company). The HDD died in 17 days for some unknown reason (my opinion is that the drive was a POS). I battled with Costco to return it for two weeks before I just said to hell with it and used my own money to buy an equal-sized SSD and used a Windows 8 ISO to reinstall the OS. I still have the damn thing - two and a half years later.

Amazon Prime is straight-forward and simple for returns. You print out a label, put the item back into the box, slap the label on said box, drop it off at the UPS Store. The next day you have your new item and you don't get double charged for the product as soon as UPS registers that you've dropped it off for shipment (even when it's lost by UPS). I can't think of a nicer, more chilled, less hassle return policy on the planet - other than the time frame.

BJ's is more about the food, not the electronics. I think I've learned from Costco not to buy electronics from bulk/"warehouse" stores like that going forward. Prime gives me everything I need, has a decent return policy, and there are so many items that I can get everything from the same location. Since I live in Raleigh, we even have Prime Now. This means that there are a lot of items that I can get the same day or next day free of charge (even in this chaotic world of holiday seasons).

Posted 11/22/16
Costco. Love the pizza.
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Well, last year, I visited a Costco in Missouri and saw a bottle of Dom Perignon, as well as a bottle of wine over fifty years-old and priced at well over one grand. Costco has my vote, regarding alcoholic beverages, though seems almost identical to Sam's.
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Posted 11/22/16
I might be biased a bit since I work there, but the Real Canadian Superstore is pretty good. You can order all your food online, come in later that day and they load up all your things for you. There's probably other stores that do that in the US, but it's the first one in Canada that I know of.

For other stuff, Amazon is what I use. Never had a problem with them, and lots of times I'll get things shipped quicker than they say.
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