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Worst/Rotten character in JJBA
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Posted 11/22/16
Damn these characters are truely aweful and just want to be dead.

Shigekiyo, isnt even human. A greedy mutant

Alessi is a pedo creep

Boingo & hes brother i hate. Why in gods name does this show have the ugliest, nightmare fuel not art drawings?
Omg pass the bleach

Tamami is annoying and should of beaten up. Invades koichi's home & ruins hes life
And then

That crazy insaine woman. Yukako
She is worse then juvia from fairy tail. Omg she losses it
Echeos has to do with sound yet makes the rocks soft and flings her back up
Come she attempted murder...
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Posted 12/31/17
End of the year clean up ^,^ Closing threads from 2016
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