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Post Reply Word Associations and Self-Possession
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20 / M / In a Yaoi Fanfic
Posted 16 days ago
Not to be rude, but people aren't going to read a wall of text, especially if you don't indent it.
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47 / M / Auburn, Washington
Posted 16 days ago
Condensed for clarity:

munruo wrote:
another tower of babbling bullshit

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21 / M / South Florida
Posted 15 days ago

gornotck wrote:

So this is why English instructors pressure you to indent.

Most smart websites will throw in a little space for the sake of sanity. Of course, on Forums where such garrulous verbosity is almost never seen, I can see why they left it out.
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Posted 15 days ago , edited 15 days ago
Thanks for the feedback, have been really talking in fragments for awhile now as I began figuring out exactly the extent of everything I let go of once I decided to speak for myself. I went past talking to keep others up with me until I got some understanding of all the light shit I've been seeing that others never saw, so I didn't really know wtf to say except keep going. Now with all this feedback I finally get the perceptual difference as well as the discomfort we put ourselves through by being around others talking to connect.

I brought up Tila Tequila because I also was down for death because I didn't want to be around others still telling me I was insane. I kept working through my experiences as I met with many individuals continuing to learn the whole of all experiences that others simplify as insanity. Fortunately, I am well educated enough to bridge a divide of scientific discovery that also reoriginates language in fragments. This requires not really wanting to talk though bringing me back to I keep adding stuff for my own clarity.

I have been noticing the redundant of everything I put myself through until I go through it with the stuff that I learned in all I've read from others. While I recognize everyone does this as this is knowledge, sharing of individuals with constantly growing awareness, I began to recognize blood affects.

For example, for years I kept hearing crunching noises around my head as flooding awareness, crying, and much I knew coming together in relation to the misery we teach each other in all our collective attempts to unify. I know this to be calcification going away instantly. Ever since my experience of healing has been growing in indescribable umm ya, I can talk a lot about it. Big difference is time is you, bring it back on knowing yourself and all the shit we talk about makes more sense.

That means space too! And the big thing I began to believe in relation to holograms is, no inequality, everyone of us is constantly generating matter/antimatter and our choices are everything that keeps anything we describe around until we free ourselves from our quantum entanglement that we at many points in collective growth began calling karma until making all our understandings of ourselves into definitions others tell us. Now we with all dictionary definitions invert all language upon anything else. Bringing perspective back to yourself is healing.

I find that many recent societal developments are attempting to pressure everyone into making decisions. I find that our decisions have a much greater affect that society wants us to believe and we can never follow because this affects creativity and health. Our health and creativity as well as all we are are one. And we're all different.
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