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Posted 11/23/16 , edited 11/24/16
I have no idea if the sword or shield is an actual person(s) or if their objects. The manga is 133 chapters in and no mention of the sword and shield. Most people think its Hak and Su-won and I can see how they would think that considering the close relationship they have to Yona but from what the priest told Yona, it seems that they haven't appeared yet so it might be neither one of them.

Their is this threat of death looming behind Hak's back which is very nerve wracking consider he is my precious baby and I want to protect him. If Hak does die I can see something magical happening to him. We might even see the dragons again which would prove to the people of Kouka that they do in fact exist.

I don't have much of a theory on this which is why I want to know other people opinions on the matter. I can see Yona carrying a sword but a shield to me for her feels to impractical just because she already has the immortal Zeno.

It might not be a literal sword and shield. More symbolic but I don't know what exactly it would represent. It could be Yona's resolve to fight and defend if the turmoil that's in the prophecy is about an impending war breaking out with Xing.

I am totally at a loss.

Any thoughts?
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