Post Reply Does anyone enjoy roleplaying?
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Posted 11/24/16
Sooo, I'm not sure if there's anyone that likes to roleplay, basically cooperative storytelling, here on CR. But I've just joined a DBZ site, and am looking for someone to play the Komugi to my Meruem, they could either be a love interest, or platonic love interest, a sweet adorable character that changes him, or a BA Goku type charrie.

There's also a position of King Cold's elite guard (think Ginyu Force) four positions, and ordinary soldiers
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Posted 11/24/16
yeah, i really enjoy roleplaying.
but forum roleplaying? never tried it
Posted 11/29/16
while I like imitating voices and such, I just never got into any sort of role playing, I hate feeling contrived and fake and presenting something I'm not.
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