Figura Recensere Story Line
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Welcome to the city of Lux. At first a peaceful place, the city is now overrun with strange, plant like creatures that have now evolved; capable of taking the form of humans. These creatures mercilessly slaughter humans for no apparent reason other than to hear the satisfying sound of flesh being torn apart. Named by the humans, "Figura Recensere" these creatures tend to enjoy 'playing' with there targets. They tease, taunt and torment their prey with sly comments. Over time humans have grown more and more cautious finally reaching the peak of paranoia over fear of being killed. They have foolishly taken to being distrustful of everyone they encounter and now tend to take to fighting till one person gives up and moves on or someone dies.

The Figura are not all as they seem. They come with their own beliefs, appearances and accents. No Figura is completely alike as some tend to have the shape of animals while others simply look like large masses of intertwined vines. There are many Figura who wish to protect humanity and take to fighting there own kind to defend humans. Other Figura sit on the fence not caring whether humans live or die but taking care not to get close to them as they simply want to live out their days peacefully. The Figura that slaughter the humans are a bloodthirsty lot who only see humans as a quick snack or something they can cut open for sport. They only care for their own kind but they sniff and sneer at the Figura that try to defend humans. Each Figura has it's own 'tattoo' of sorts that appears when they are in human form. These tattoos possess magical properties that gives every Figura accelerated regeneration, boosted strength, speed, sense of smell and sight.

To combat these beasts of power humans have slowly began evolving. More and more humans are being born with special abilities or animal like qualities along with appearance. The humans can not explain this phenomenon but are grateful for it and have put together an elite band of humans with great fighting capabilities. Of course there are always some people who would rather band together with the enemy and already many have taken to killing people for sport and also, in some ways, as a cowardly act of survival. Due to the convoluted situation people don't really know who to trust to protect them and who will stab them in the back sooner or later.
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