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17 / F / Beyond the Screen
Posted 6 days ago

Othello Merth

"Ugh, is that my alarm I hear?" Othello mumbled into his pillow. He was a relatively light sleeper in the morning.
"Dol, time to get up," he said as he rolled onto his back to get up. "Tene and Brin are up already, doing Deus knows what."
His hair was a mess but that could be fixed with a quick shower.
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F / New Zealand
Posted 5 days ago

Dolenza Wirren

Dolenza groaned then forced her eyes open, "But I was having such a good dream..." She rolled onto her back and stretched her arms out to each side of her.
Once she was satisfied that she'd stretched herself out enough, she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes then used one hand to comb the hair off of her face. "Ugh... Give me five more minutes..." Her eyes started to drift shut again.
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