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I just don't get why girls like me
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Posted 11/28/16 , edited 11/28/16

Artlicker wrote:

I honestly don't understand why I don't have a girlfriend. I'm kind to every girl in my classes, I hold the door open for them, buy therm anything they want and drive them anywhere they want. I'm really good looking as well, I comb my hair everyday and even my mum and dad tell me that I look very handsome! I'm never a bore and will always find something to talk to girls about, such as anime, school or league of legends. Yet time and time again they always go for those stupid jocks, who probably fail all their exams and always leave them in tears, I even act as a shoulder to cry on when those jerks eventually leave them, yet they still never even consider me.

Here's an image of me to prove of how handsome I am.

As I said... I always am told I look handsome by my relatives.
I don't get it...
I should be considered the supreme gentleman.

Anyways if you got any WORDS to help consolidate my hurt feelings please post them here...

I'm not sure if you're trolling here or not - and it seems others aren't, either. To be on the safe side, I'm closing this thread, as an image of yourself holding some kind of weapon does seem a bit threatening given some of the context others have brought up.

If you're being serious, then you seem to be viewing relationships as some sort of currency. "If I am nice to them, they should like me" kind of thing. You seem to be worried about "the friendzone", in other words.

There are plenty of deep thinkers on the internet who discuss this deeply, but I would say - be you. Find someone you like for being themselves who likes you for being you. Holding doors and expecting something in return is a pointless endeavor - though I still suggest holding doors simply because it's a nice thing to do, for anyone.

But again, I can't tell if you're just trolling, and given the weapon and context, this is closed.
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