Silver lininG?
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Posted 11/28/16
Wiph this game, you just give a silver lining for the above post.

1 exampol:

User 1: I just got fired from My job l:(

User 2: Well now you have plenty of time to watch anime! Congratulations!

A man just stepped in a big pile of mud and got his nice shoes all dirty! Now He's frustrated!

User 3: His shoes looked awful in my opinion, the mud is actually an improvement to Me,

Plants die every year and it makes Me sad l:(

User 4: ...Get over it dude, they will be back and alive in the spring.

And so on! Use yourself, Somebody else, or any hypothetical situation in your response.

Easy enuff!? I don't know!! But lets find out!

Startin' iht off!

I have to save My money so I have to hold back on buying beer for a little bit l:(
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Posted 11/22/17
Locked ^,^
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