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Post Reply More Gun Control Is Needed! After The Ohio Attack ???
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Posted 11 days ago , edited 11 days ago

TheOriginalStraynge wrote:

AnimeAddictANN69 wrote:

i was busy with online shopping so i didn't pay attention to the news for the past few days

Ohio State University Student Shot Down

OSU Attacker Facebook Rant Investigated

Weapons of choice in this domestic terror attack were knife and car

not sure how guns had anything to do with it but if they want to go that about looking at it this way then

if you look at these terror attacks closely.. you will notice the common thing that all these terrorists/psychos used in their attack

can you guess what it is ?

so.. um.. maybe we should have some sort of control - background checked required as well ?

it will help prevent these attacks no ?

how about knife control? pressure cooker control ? etc.. more control is needed after each attack right? what's next? i can't even go to home depot or some appliance store without show my ID too ?

it looks like they are treating the side effects but not the cause of the problem.

Oh stop would you. Every time we have another tragedy you all come out of the woodwork trying to prove your agenda to the masses. How about instead of screaming about more gun freedom or more gun control we all show a little bit of respect to the victims and not use this tragedy for personal gain? Wouldn't that be a little more decent? We can all discuss gun control to our hearts content at a later time. Show a little respect for those who were injured. Thank goodness nobody was killed which is a fact that I could use to prove my side of the argument if I so wished but this is not the time or the place in my opinion. How about we just wish all of the victims a speedy recovery instead? This argument isn't going anywhere and we can pick it up again tomorrow.

I am not sure. If a place has loose guns laws and someone died by a felon buying a gun at his local shop (Not that it can happen), wouldn't it be ignoring the elephant in the room to use said discussion as a springboard to assess faults within our society?
This argument doesn't necessarily have to be about guns. If someone dies by anything, say, unregulated medicine, or a legal loophole, wouldn't it be smart to address these concerns?

I don't quite see the difference between my advocacy for affordable mental health services and his stance on gun rights, other then the attack themselves are held by such a tenuous connection just because he didn't use a gun (If he did, we'd probably have someone else make the thread. Maybe that is a key difference, and in that case, I agree with you Straynger.

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Posted 11 days ago

GenericMochi wrote:

The subject is a extremely EXTREMELY sensitive.
However the whole "I need a gun because he has one" mentality seems quite off.
It all derives from what society guns are raised from. (I.E Sweden, Japan Etc Etc)

I honestly have little to no problem with American Gun Laws. It's just the social support that comes with it.
It is easier to buy a gun than to seek out medical treatment because of how expensive it is.
It is cheaper to buy a bullet than to buy proper medication.

I agree with the advocates that states "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." But why is there little to no healthcare infrastructure to actually assisting the people doing the shooting sprees and to prevent it from happening it in the first place?

But that's is just my opinion in the whole mess.

I think a lot of it has to do with the social stigma of having a mental illness or seeing a therapist, rather than availability. Also some people don't want to lose their rights just because they had a case of depression or anxiety.

As a side note, studies have shown that mentally ill folks are far more likely to be victims of violence than to commit violence. And of some of the 'mentally ill' mass shooters we've had actually had access to mental care, had been taking medication (that may have even caused the psychosis in the first place).
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