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Posted 11/29/16 , edited 4/18/17
What are some game breaking glitches you've encountered before?

One game breaking glitch I faced was in the game Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 2. (Psvita version)

I was facing CFW Judge for about the 5th time because I kept getting close and didn't want to grind for levels. I finally was ready to use the exe moves and kill the boss and then suddenly.... He froze on his turn. The animations kept going but my turn would never happen so I had to reset the fight. This was the only time I faced the bug in my entire experience of playing the game. It was a sad day.

(Image of CFW Judge)

Another bug I've faced that was only kinda game breaking was recently. I was playing l4d2 (PC) trying to get the 3 minute bridge cross achievement with a friend. We did make it across in 3 minutes through all the normal hordes but the AI didn't and ran down the timer due to be down and then I couldn't leave. So then we killed the AI the next round but something was very off. There was only 3 special infected and that was it on the bridge. No normal zombies just 3 special infected. So we just ran on by and got the achievement that way. It was a very weird bug.

Another one was when I spent 1-3 hours grinding to get money to buy a super powerful weapon for a character I was about to unlock in Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth;3 and I was hoping I would really like the character. I disliked their personality soon after and their voice... as well as wasting my money on credits I tried to go into a battle before saving. The battle start animation looped eternally. I had to regain all my progress. It was so painful to watch.

Oh and um... this happened in overwatch so I made a joke out of it.

Jojowatch: Part 4 Okuyasu scrapes away.

So what are some game breaking bugs/glitches you've encountered? Or just bugs/glitches in general?

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Posted 11/29/16
I was trying to look for the image, but that was 3 yrs ago ^_^;; haha I was playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, when this thug kept following me, so I confronted him, and when I did, he multiplied , then the game froze..

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Posted 12/2/16
There is a glitch in dark souls, that if you jump and roll over the bridge you can be stuck on the wall ledge, you don't do much, if you move off the ledge you die, but it is possible to get there
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Posted 12/3/16
I don't know if this is a glitch or something but i'll explain it anyway. it's a long story, so brace it.

It happened few years ago. I was collecting all the Trophies in Sega Mega Drive Collection*. There's a Trophy known as Yatta!. Complete Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. Being average in that game, i had to use the password to get it faster. I kept trying to defeat the last boss but no avail. THEN, for some reason, he decides to give up and lose. Anyone who has played the game knows how's it done. And it only took 13 seconds to win.

*It's known as that in Europe. In US, it's Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection.
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Posted 12/4/16
Falling through the floor on Skyrim after I walked by a basket, and having no roof, floor or walls to the house on the Dragonborn DLC, so the house was unusable at times.
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Posted 12/5/16
Deadly Premonition for the Xbox. There's a dungeon where if you save and turn off the game you can't progress. A door you have to go through becomes locked and you have start the game all over. This happened to me and I ended up not beating it till the Directors Cut came out.

Thor the movie game was glitchy as hell. 3 times I got a game ending glitch. The last one had me fighting an endless swarm of ice trolls. After that I said "fuck it"
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Posted 2/16/17
I never had to deal with this one myself, but it's worth mentioning because of how bad it is...... In the NA version of Ar Tonelico 2: Melody opf Metafalica on the PS2, there was a glitch in the second last boss fight, where if you didn't finish her off in something like 5 turns the game would freeze completely.
It wasn't there in the EU version (lucky us for a change!) but man......
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Posted 2/17/17
There was this good one in Tomb Raider Definitive Edition on PS4. It doesn't happen to everyone, but it did happen to me. When you get to the part where the helicopter crashes, the game crashes with along it and even corrupts your save data for you so you have to start over.

It can easily be avoided by making a backup save on a different profile though.
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Posted 11/25/17
i would like to consider this as a glitch if i can but this is how it is when you put the difficulty to crushing-- it's worst on brutal

Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection - AI damage on Crushing

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Posted 12/1/17
I've run into a ton in my years of gaming, but these are the ones that have happened recently enough to remember them completely:
In Kingdoms of Amular Reckoning there is a glitch in one of the main story quests that make it impossible to complete the game. I didn't experience it in my play through because I knew about it after my brother telling me he put in over 40 hours into the game and ran into this glitch, and instead of starting all the way over to possibly have the same outcome, he just moved on to another game.
And not as bad as the above mentioned problem, but while playing Viking Battle for Asgard (which I'm currently playing) I've run into a number of wtf! moments. The main one was: I just ran in to a tower, killed all enemies, rescued my fellow soldiers, ran out of the tower and watched the group I rescued all run out into an opening, bunch up in a circle and take turns running into each other. I did what I was supposed to do but the quest was still there waiting to be finished (even though I had just finished it). So I teleport away and back again and all the enemies were back and I had to kill them all over and rescue the prisoners again. This time it worked and allowed me to move on, but I'm not a fan of having to do the same mission twice before it tells me I've completed it once.
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