Merry Christmas! Free Profile Icons and Skins
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Posted 11/29/16 , edited 11/29/16
Hello Crunchyrollians! Seeing as the Christmas season is finally upon us, I wanted to share something with my fellow anime lovers. I've decided to create some free icons and banners for everyone's profiles. They will be Christmas themed, and kinda look like this:

or like Haruhi here:

Of course I used my precious Hanayo from Love Live! for my theme character, but this element is up to you guys.

I'd also love to use this opportunity to get to know you! So we'll probably chat while I make your icon and skin, but please fill out this form so that I can best create your Christmas icon and skin.

Theme character:
Snowy Christmas, Cozy Christmas, or Santa Christmas:

And of course if there is a specific photo of your theme character that you would like me to use (I used especially winterey pictures of hanayo), send me a link to the photo in your form.

Merry Christmas!!!!
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Posted 12/2/16 , edited 12/2/16
Username: mimi_mioda
Theme character: Hatsune Miku
Theme: Santa
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Posted 12/25/17 , edited 12/25/17
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