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Posted 11/29/16

animegirl2222 wrote:

this is what I call unBEARable

i've seen this chick before, she is everything about the tumblr fakegender stereotypes combined into one horrible package.... 'wuuuuhh i'm nonbinary wuuhhhh i'm so special look at me'. bish, no. people like this are an embarrassment to the actual lgbt community.

she took out the "B" because us bisexuals are oppressive and 'cissexist' being attracted to 'two genders' or something akin to that. snowflakes are mad that bi people are included as part of the original acronym despite having both heterosexual and homosexual attraction, thus, making us, supposedly 'less disadvantaged'. the moment it became a competition between disadvantages was the moment that lgbt posers started to denounce bisexual people. but they'll denounce gays, lesbians, and anyone whos comfortable in their current gender, notwithstanding themselves who mix up stereotyped nonsense and gender roles with gender dysphoria.

people like this are not an accurate representation of actual lgbt folks....

So I see that you are bi...

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