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Posted 11/30/16 , edited 11/30/16
On my iPhone with the newest iOS and Apple TV 3 there's been a quality drop on a certain number of shows last weeks nanbaka only ever reached a 1080p quality after a week of waiting and same with episode 7 of show by rock and before that it also happen with a episode of days that I think never got fixed but again this week with scorching PIng pong and again nanbaka for the second straight week! Usually since the show gets uploaded in stages of lowest to highest quality you have to wait a few hours but lately they take a week or more to reach the highest quality or it'll never get fixed at all . It's easy to tell on iOS devices because if it starts on a 720 screen the font gets smaller within 30 seconds to a minute of clicking on a show and the quality changes greatly . I watch anime on my 55inch and it's starting to become a problem that keeps happening not sure if it's due to them having an overwhelming amount of content or what . But the fact of the matter is if you have to wait a week to watch a show anyway what's the point in paying for premium and if the quality is what some people pay for then what's stopping them from switching over to illegal streaming methods if the legal ones don't do what they're suppose to?
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