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Chapter 1 | The Princess
There is darkness within every soul, however what would happen if there was one pure soul in that darkness?
The violet colored moon sent an eerie glow over the small town. Lit red paper lanterns lit up the streets. Footsteps bounced of all the silent streets. A shadowed figure swung open the doors leading to the small store, chiming the bell above. The faint scent of melon's drifted away from the 180 cm tall Crimson haired boy as he stepped inside the store.

His Almandite-like Crimson eyes adjusted to the lack of light inside. "Reaper?" the boy called out, looking around the dusty room. Coffin's decorated the room. Two lit candles were in the centre of the casket in the centre of the room. Eerie laughing echoed from the shadows. "If it isn't the Princess's Butler," a male voice laughed. A tall figure stepped out of the shadows. His silver hair almost glistened underneath the candle light as his hair covered his right eye, only revealing the golden left. "Give this to Princess Luna for me," he added, passing him a small coffin shaped box. "Is this...?" the Crimson haired boy started. "That? Even I can't help with that," the reaper laughed as he perched himself on-top of one of the caskets. A sigh escaped the boys lips as he unbuttoned the top button of his white button up shirt. "So there's no way to find out who or what she is?" he asked. A smirk popped onto the reapers face. "Your so impatient," he teased. He suddenly disappeared from the top of the casket. Breathing echoed from behind the Crimson haired boy. He quickly turned around to see that the Reaper was now leaning against the door. The violet moonlight revealing the black pray beads hanging from his slim neck. "It's only been a month, you don't like looking after her?" he required. The boy adverted his eyes. "It's not like that," he muttered. The reaper laughed as he disappeared once again. At the top of a hill was a large mansion. A single cherry blossom tree was outside, sending the petals floating across the air while bringing colour to the darkened world of Crimson, black and white. The large doors creaked as the Crimson haired boy walked inside, holding the small casket shaped box with one hand. He made his way up the grand staircase. His eyes were drawn to the door's that were left slightly open. The cold black and white checkered floor stretched through the darkened room. Sitting in an Wariza position, legs are bent backwards on each side of the body, in the centre of the room was an cute, small framed, baby faced Japanese girl with the height of 155cm tall. Her pale and flawless skin was almost doll-like, along with her multi-colored pink and purple eyes and long pink curly hair tied up into twin tails. The faint scent of strawberries drifted away from her. Black thigh high socks with a small white skeleton hand printed on the side exposed the small area of pale skin in-between her socks and the hem of her shorts which were almost covered by the short high waisted black suspender skirt and pastel pink oversized long sleeved jumper. Her petite hands were open in-front of her. A glowing fox-fire like glow was floating above her hands, spitting out small glowing star shaped gleams. Cherry blossom petals had fallen around her, making out the shape of a pentagram, with her in the centre. A hand went down on her head. "Haru?" she mumbled, looking up at the crimson haired boy. Her voice was soft and sweet. He knelled down on one knee in-front of her, bringing his spare hand against his chest as he bowed his head. "Luna," he started. He glanced down at the glow above her hands. "Still no luck in figuring it out?" he guessed, watching her lightly nod. The glow disappeared as she joined her hands together on the ground in-front of her. "The reaper wanted you to have this," he remembered, passing her the box. She lightly tilted her head. The doorbell chimed through the mansion. Haru rose to his feet. "Stay out of trouble," he added before leaving the room. She heard talking from the first floor. She leaned her hands against the doorframe as she popped her head out of the room. Haru was talking to a woman who appeared to be drenched from the rain that was now pouring down outside. Hands reached out of the darkness behind her. The box slipped out of her hand, causing a small charm to cling to the ground.

Haru's hands were joined together behind his back as he watched the perplexing woman's movements. "So if you could lend some help I would appreciate it, I'm afraid the wolfs will come back and hurt me or my child," the woman pleaded. "The wolfs,huh?" he muttered. "Excuse me?" the woman questioned. Haru moved within a few seconds, pointing a SIG pro automatic pistol against the woman's head. A pale expression creeped on her face. "The wolf prince works for the Princess, they don't attack without his commandor without a reason," he coldly added. The woman smirked. "It doesn't matter anyway, the distraction worked," she laughed. Haru looked up towards the staircase. "Luna?" he muttered. As he looked back towards the woman,there was no one there, only a small paper doll. "A shikigami... dammit," he muttered, shutting the door and running up the stairs. The thick rain covered the woods behind the mansion. A tall man threw Luna down to the ground in-front of him. She flinched as her shoulder hit against the ground."So your the doll that appeared a month ago," he stated. Luna sat up into her usual 'W' sitting position. She was kicked back against the tree. Tears shimmered in the corner of her eyes. He pulled a kitchen knife out of his pocket, licking along the blade. His cold hand gripped onto her neck, pushing her back. He laughed as he felt her trembling against his grip. He rolled the knife along her arms, leaving behind streaks of crimson.
A heavy blow was delivered to her stomach. She fell forwards in pain as she coughed up blood.A growling echoed through the hollow trees. "What?" the man panicked, looking around. "Don't hurt him," Luna weakly mumbled. "Shut up,"the man nagged, kicking her down to the ground. Branches crunched behind the man. A black wolf sulked out of the shadows. It's fangs shining under the moonlight. It's golden eyes focused on the man. The man's eyes were wide as his breathing was heavier every passing second. He started trembling as the wolf stepped forwards. She quickly closed her eyes as she covered her ears with her hands. She flinched as screaming screeched through the woods. The wolf walked towards her, licking the cut on her check, causing her to flinch. She slowly opened her multi-colored eyes. Black smoke drifted away from the wolf.He turned into an 178 cm tall boy with golden eyes.

"Luckily he hurt you so I could smell your blood," he sighed. He used the edge of his sleeve to rub the blood away from his lips. She glanced at the pile of blood behind him. "D-Did you have to hurt him?" she mumbled. He placed his hand on her cheek, lifting her head up slightly so her eyes met his. "He was hurting you," he reminded. "B-But..." she mumbled. "Your too softhearted," he reminded, wrapping his arms around her. He rose to his feet, holding her Princess style in his arms. As she looked up, she noticed the space, well lack of space in-between them. Her cheeks lightly blushed. He glanced down to see she was looking at him. "Whatever the demon said to you, ignore it," he coldly instructed. Haru ran up to them out of breath. "Luna!" he panicked, wrapping his arms around her shoulders, pulling her head against his chest. "You smelt her blood before I did right? Your so slow," the boy complained. "Ryu, thank you," Haru thanked. The boy nodded as he carefully passed her to Haru who's grip around her increased. Within ten minutes they were back at the mansion. Haru gently placed her down in the centre of a bed in a dark room. Ryu switched on the light showing the room featured a large bed decorated with a two-sided duvet and pillow set consisting of pink one side and purple the other, decorated with crescent moons and stars. Luna with sitting in the centre in her usual 'W' sitting style. The floor was white and pink checkered. My Melody and anime plushies were spread out on her bed. Pink lacy curtains covered the large windows. "I'm going to sort out your cuts now," Haru added, leaning forwards. She glanced up at the fangs inside Haru's mouth that were more noticeable than usual. She lightly nodded. Ryu sighed as he watched Luna flinch as Haru stitched up her cuts. "How come you have such a low pain tolerance?" he sighed. "Says the one who can turn into a wolf," Haru interrupted. "My main form is this so that's all that matters," Ryu argued. "I'll go get you some food," Haru added once he had finished before leaving the room. Ryu sighed as he stepped forwards, pulling back his hood. "None of my wolf's could find anything about why you appeared," he informed, crossing his arms against his chest. "I still can't do anything else with my powers," she mumbled, looking down at her hand. He sighed as he sat down on the bed in-front of her, stretching his legs off the side of the bed. "Someone in this world has to know, even if Yuuto said your soul is different than any other Yokai," he reminded. "M-My scent really is that obvious?" she mumbled, lightly tilting her head. He glanced up at the ceiling which was painted like the night sky. "You can smell the faint strawberry scent right? Even your blood is like that, as a Okuri inu, my senses are heightened just like that idiot vampire," he reminded. As Haru walked back into the room, Ryu quickly pulled his hood back up over his head. He placed a plate consisting of an Taiyaki, a Japanese fish shaped pancake down in-front of Luna. "Thank you," she smiled, lightly tilting her head. Haru ruffled her hair as she took a bite of the tail end of the Taiyaki. "Strawberry and creme," she smiled, taking another small bite. "I'm returning to my room," Ryu announced, standing up. "You should get some rest," Haru advised, picking up the empty plate. "Sorry," she mumbled. "What for?" he asked, placing room wear down in-front of her. "Your looking after me," she mumbled. "I don't mind, really," he reassured.He leaned forwards, kissing her forehead. Her cheeks turned red as she looked up at him. A soft expression was in his eyes. "I will be out of the mansion tomorrow so you have to rely on Yuuto, Ryu and Sora to look after you," he informed. "Keep safe," she mumbled. A smile popped on his lips. "Don't worry about me," he reassured. She lightly nodded. "Sweet dreams," he smiled, ruffling her hair before leaving the room. Sunlight beamed through the curtains of her room. Luna had changed into the room wear, that fitted her petite body perfectly.

Fluffy thigh high socks covered her legs. She was asleep as she hugged an Gochiusa Kokoa plush. Someone was lightly stroking strands of her hair. The faint scent of honey drifted through the air. They leaned closer, there hot breath on her neck. "Are you awake?" he whispered. She slowly opened her eyes. Sitting on the bed next to her was an 170 cm tall boy.

"Morning, princess," he smirked as his eyes met hers. "Yuuto?" she blushed, sitting up into her usual 'W' style. He kept his fingers entangled in her soft hair. "Do they still hurt?" he asked, glancing down at the sealed up cut on her cheek. "A little," she mumbled, lightly nodding. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against his chest as he leaned his head on her shoulder. Her cheeks blushed as she looked up at him. "You can cry around me if your trying to hold it in," he guessed. "Eh?" she mumbled, looking up at him. "I'm a Soul Eater remember? I know more than anyone how pure and strong your soul is," he reminded. African mythology describes Soul eater's as "cannibalistic witch's," due to their ability to read, see and devour the soul itself. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she nodded. He pulled her closer as tears continued to roll down her cheeks. The door opened with the 170 cm tall boy standing in the doorway.

"You really was attacked," he sighed, sitting down on the edge of the bed. "Sorry for worrying you," she mumbled, fiddling with the hems of her sleeves. He glanced at Yuuto who smirked. "The Kitsune is thinking something perverted~" Yuuto smirked as he leaned backwards. "Eh?" she blushed, glancing up at him. "Coming from you," he complained, wrapping his arms around Luna's waist and lifting her up. "S-Sora?" she blushed, looking down into his eyes. "Well Iv'e got work to do," Yuuto waved as he left. Sora sighed as he lifted her down. "Do you want anything in town later? I need to go ask the Undertaker for something," he offered. "I-It's okay," she mumbled, fiddling with the hems of her sleeves as she looked down. "It's a red moon tonight so a lot of Yokai's will be about, you need to stay inside," he reminded, gently playing with her hair. She lightly nodded as she looked up at him.

Later that evening. Crimson colored moonlight shone through the windows. Yuuto was dressed in black. He placed a black dress box down in-front of her. "We're sneaking out," he added. "Eh?" she mumbled, lightly tilting her head. "The blood moon festival is happening, you haven't had any fun so let's go," he grinned. "Are you sure?" she mumbled, lightly tilting her head. "Those three are too over-protective, don't worry I'll be there," he reassured. He waited outside, shuffling a deck of tarot cards. He held the door open. As he looked up, a grin popped on his cheeks as he watched her fiddle with the hem of her sleeves of her hood, covering her Pumpkin designed shorts.

He poked the star hanging of her hood. "It looks cute," he grinned.

The scent of festival food drifted through the air.

tall, lean man
a formal suit consisting of a black jacket, white dress shirt, black tie, and black trousers. He pushed up the frame of his glasses. "Well, your an interesting specimen," he started, taking a step towards her.

He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her back against his chest. Her hood fell backwards, revealing her different colored eyes and pink hair. "So your the doll the four prince's have hiding up in that mansion?" he guessed.

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