Post Reply i have decided to make a youtube channel!
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Posted 6 days ago

I only have my phone to use to record things so for now ill be doing videos of my cat -lol- maybe he will become famous?
and record my pokemon battles -I donthave sun yet-

eventually ill do wii u and ps4 games as well as some overwatch when I get it in a few months
I have 2 videos up right now, 1 of a "mirrored" video that was allowed by the OP

I...I don't think ill be talking in anything anytime soon, im a bit shy that's why im doing video games

PS how do you get the money? ive put ads on my videos but how exactly does it work?do I need so many subs, ? likes?views? is the money a check? paypal??

feel free to sub
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Posted 6 days ago

You'll see monetization on the top left, as well as whether you're eligible or not and a button to enable it. You'll also need an AdSense account. You only get paid on a monthly basis when your earnings reach a certain minimum threshold ($100, I believe). If you don't earn $100 in a month the earnings will roll over to the next month. I believe your earnings are mailed to you, there might be other options such as linking PayPal to your AdSense account, but I'm not sure.

I don't monetize my channel, so that's about all I can recall about the process.
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