Unsure about keeping subscription - looking for recommendations
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Posted 12/1/16 , edited 12/2/16
I'm a pretty slow consumer of media, be it video games, TV shows, or whatever. I subscribed to Crunchyroll when I first saw there was going to be an Ace Attorney anime. I stayed around for that because I'm a fan of the games (not a fan of the anime) and kind of tried to keep myself interested in a few other shows, but mostly get the sense I'm going to quit the subscription soon.

Most of the series I've attempted based on recommendations end up being what I call "cringeworthy". I'm not using that as a broad insult, but there's kind of a juvenile tone to much of the writing, or the forced situations, that doesn't appeal to me. In what I call "battle animes" I get uncomfortable watching thrown-around quotes like "Feh. It's as I thought. Your power doesn't even come close to matching mine. Very well. I'll let you live only so that you can amuse me later." or situations that have no firmly established world ruleset and play it loose instead of inventing twists that make sense (Kirito's HP dropped to zero. HE IS DEAD. END OF STORY.)

I've attempted some of the slice-of-life romance-ish stories too, but even then a number of them just don't click with me. Characters often fill a scene with dialogue without enhancing it, or are just coldly "mysterious" without showing much character or weakness. I don't mind nudity or sexuality that's handled maturely, but it's often quite gratuitous. If a show can feel more believable by *not* having whatshisname walk in on whatshername in the shower, I'm all for it.

What I *do* like though: Mysteries, action sequences where more than just Mr. Main Character have a chance and anyone can get blindsided (eg, no "Perfect ultimate beings" that automatically know when someone is raising a 2x4 behind them), scenes that can say a lot more than is "said" by minimizing dialogue, interesting world-situations like Psychopass (the crime coefficient isn't "good" nor is it "bad"; heck, mental healthcare seems to get much better treatment than 2016 USA. It's just a very different world), and especially really good animation.

Finally, I've found I dislike being strung along. I watched Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood on Netflix until I realized the remainder was not on there, but then I thought about how long it had been since it unveiled a mystery that made sense to me or any major change in the stakes had come forward, and I got less interested. The "villain of the week" formula works well for me; I can enjoy a main plot, but only if you *have* to keep going for 10 episodes to find something interesting.

Mysteries I've liked: Ace Attorney (the game, not the anime), Erased, Danganronpa (less so than Ace Attorney, since it keeps many many of its mysteries in a huge black box and saves them for the end...of the series)

Shows I've liked for the dialogue and character development: PsychoPass, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, Wakfu, Young Justice

Action I've liked: Avatar TLA, One Punch Man, Gurren Lagan

So that's it. Sorry if that was an excessive read. Like I said I consume media slowly so I'm not likely to follow up on a large number of suggestions; try to pick out just a few that may hook me in the first few episodes.
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A few things on here you might consider trying, if you haven't yet:

Beautiful Bones: Very episodic mystery series. Has a lot of clever moments.
Bakemonogatari: Good dialogue. Character development in some of the later follow-up series is interesting. Main character gets his ass kicked... a lot.

You also might try My Love Story. Main character there is invulnerable, but they turn that into a joke and make it a romantic comedy... but one that's funny without anyone walking in on anyone else in the shower.
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Posted 12/1/16 , edited 12/2/16
Well, 90% of everything is crap...

Have you seen:
Madoka Magica
Kill la Kill
Gatchaman Crowds
Hunter x Hunter
Aldnoah Zero (except the second half was somewhat disappointing)
Gundam Unicorn
Time of Eve
Young Black Jack
Flowers of Evil
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Posted 12/2/16 , edited 12/3/16
Have you seen ...

The Perfect Insider (both the anime and live-action are fun)
Dusk-maiden of Amnesia
Looking Up at the Half Moon
Voices from a Distant Star
The Princess and the Pilot/The Pilot's Love Song
Joker's Game
Parasyte the Maxim
Riddle Story of the Devil
God Eater
Tamayura Hitose
Fafner: Dead Aggressor
God Eater
Tokyo ESP

Some of them may fit the style of anime you're looking for.
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Posted 12/4/16 , edited 12/4/16

Joker Game
Durarara!! (that's still on here, right?)
Beyond the Boundary
From the New World
Valvrave the Liberator
and of course, Case Closed.

Comedy/Slice of Life:
- most of these have somewhat serious moments, too
- most of these are considered "pretty-boy shows" but you can enjoy them even if you don't like pretty boys.
Yuri!! On Ice
Kamigami no Asobi (first episode is slow but the rest is fun)
Touken Ranbu Hanamaru (and next season's serious version looks like it will be really good too)
Outbreak Company (this one is mostly girls, actually)

A lot of people also seem to enjoy Bungou Stray Dogs, but I'm not really into it.

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Posted 12/11/16 , edited 12/11/16
Thanks all for the replies!

That's a lot of suggestions. I can give CR another month or two as I inspect the first few episodes of some of these, but I know I'll never have time for all of them. Here's my take on the series from the suggestions that I've watched some or all of.

Kill La Kill: Generally enjoyed this, and the ridiculous atmosphere. I watched all the way through, which I don't always do, but got a little bit un-invested in the anime extremes things were going to by the end, with the main character settling on a plan to let herself get cut in half, and then regenerate her body in a blind spot, and communicating said plan to her sidekick by nodding. Some of the humorous approach to the fights was pretty fun, but I think I saw a few too many of the cheerleader's speeches (can never remember Japanese names so well)

Durarara I could not make sense of. I watched the first few episodes where mysterious shit happened, but all it ever did was *ask* questions and never answer them. I also couldn't tell if it was taking refuge in audacity by having people throw vending machines at each other, or aiming for semi-realism with a plotline involving someone's attempted suicide. It seemed to be content with throwing out character actions as factoids that never lead anywhere with a drive. (eg, it didn't have a Quest to it - "We must defeat the XXX", or "I protect the streets of Gwatham each night")

Case Closed I've somewhat enjoyed as a mystery series. I also watched some of its partner series, Magic Kaito. I think some of their mysteries get a little bit hard to swallow, without even feeling quite as compelling as Ace Attorney's mysteries. The killers are often sympathetic people who felt they had their reasons, leaving the endings kinda lukewarm with them getting arrested (Ace Attorney, meanwhile, has most of the killers be pretty evil people who start sneering at you about lack of evidence as you get close to the truth). Finally, I know you're meant to ignore them, but plot devices like having Conan tranquilize the Detective each episode to "reveal the victim in his sleep" get a bit tiring. The reason I have a lot to say on this one is that episodic mysteries are a genre I feel is perfect for me, but Conan's medium ultimately doesn't always make me want to try the next episode.
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Posted 12/11/16 , edited 12/11/16

neugenx wrote:

The Perfect Insider (both the anime and live-action are fun)

I just watched The Perfect Insider this weekend, but I'll second this suggestion. It had a much better mystery than I expected.
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