any mandarin audio anime on crunchyroll (or elsewhere)?
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Posted 12/2/16 , edited 12/2/16
Hi there. Just bought a membership and am enjoying watching animes with my daughter who is learning japanese.

My son wants to study mandarin, and I can speak it at a basic level. I was wondering if there are animes on Crunchyroll which have mandarin audio track with english subs.

Searching around I can't find anything, but saw a reference to Legend of Qin in the forums. But when I go to that series on CR, no videos are available. Maybe it isn't enabled for the US? Is there any way to search by audio language? Crunchyroll purports to be my link to Asian videos, but if that were true it seems strange that there isn't a single anime in chinese... maybe I'm just not looking correctly.

Anyway, I'd be grateful for some suggestions of content on CR, or recommendations on where to find mandarin audio anime with english subs.

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Posted 12/2/16 , edited 12/3/16
Amazon has some both Mandarin and Cantonese
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