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Posted 12/2/16
Once upon a time, no it was before time itself. There existed in the formless chaos 3 gods.The three gods created the heavens, earth, and man as we know it. But within the creation process a destructive evil emerged..Destruction must balance creation so the dark lord emerged from within the darkness of the universe The gods saw this and understood, but the dark lord proved to be too powerful and brought forth destruction on par with the powers of the gods themselves. So they fused together and sealed the dark lord while the universe was on the verge of destruction. They successfully sealed and consolidate the dark lord into a single pearl ( The Pearl of Apex, from which all creation the gods created from the formless chaos emerged) and casted it into the ocean. In the process they killed themselves leaving the universe to be without gods, for all things to govern themselves. Slowly over millennia the pearl seal became weakened and polluted the oceans turning the ocean into a chaos, the wildlife fed on the energy the pearl embed in the water and became ravenous and aggressive to anything that came into their territory that wasn't imbued with the energy of the dark lord. Soon the Humans feared that the power of the pearl would soon spread to the land and leave the land in the same savage chaos that is consuming the ocean. So they ventured off to find and destroy the pearl and return the world back to peace, but without the power of the gods how can they disperse the energy that rivaled the 3 gods?

Coming to TV in 2420!
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Posted 12/27/16 , edited 12/27/16
Ok, I'm sensing a lot of movie references in here.
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Posted 12/27/16
It's bad
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Posted 12/28/16
Here is my feedback:
1) The story is generic and reflect a individualistic worldview.
2) The background story center on a few individuals who create everything from a void.
3) The dis-positional traits are emphasized: there is one group of characters who is always evil regardless of the circumstance and another group who is always good regardless of the circumstance; the 'lesser' characters can change morality but only by the intentional influence of the 'greater' beings instead of the situation.
4) It has the 'us versus them' mentality.
5) It is similar to the plot structure in the Phantasy Star series.
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Posted 12/25/17
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