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Does anyone who uses Skype get random chats from people?
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22 / M
Posted 12/5/16
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M / Australia
Posted 12/5/16 , edited 12/5/16
Me and my mates use "mumble" to talk when we game. We have our own server but its public and not password protected. So you do get randoms jump in from time to time.
Sometimes they're really annoying and just trolls or little boys that sound like girls because their balls haven't yet dropped lol.
But sometimes it can be quite interesting and quite funny. You often get people from other parts of the world jump in so there can be some pretty interesting conversations.
I recal some conversations being quite fun and quite interesting and funny. Its pretty rare females jump in but occasionally they do.
Thankfully when the retards that just play music or just talk shit jump in there's usually someone around with the admin powers that can kick and ban them.

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Posted 12/23/17
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