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Posted 12/12/16 , edited 12/13/16

octorockandroll wrote:

zangeif123 wrote:

octorockandroll wrote:

HeyMrWilson wrote:

I heard that X-Men characters will be DLC which is a disappointment. Also I would like to see different Darkstalkers in this one as I'm tired of Felicia, Morrigan and Hsein-Ko, I would like to see J.Talbain, Demitri, Donovan, Rikuo, Pyron, Sasquatch and even Bishamon get a shot.

I agree with this. I really don't care about the X-Men, but it's sad how Marvel keeps trying to shit in Sony's pint by burying them.

You mean Fox. And they're doing the same with FF.

But I agree with seeing different Darkstalkers.. Talbain & Donovan would be awesome. And Morrigan needs to just fly away.

Oh yeah, my bad. Shows how little I care about X-Men I guess

And am I the only one who wants to see Lord Raptor? Come on guys.

Absolutely not. He was my original main way back in the first one.
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Posted 12/28/16 , edited 12/28/16

octorockandroll wrote:

Also I hope their version of She-Hulk is the one eveyone knows and loves and not that awful new grey one.

How much have you read of the awful new grey one? What's she like?

I'm so excited for this game! I suspect I'll suck at it though.
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Posted 8/13/17 , edited 8/13/17
democaycwasnt too bad
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