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Things you don't want to give up on because you like it too much
Posted 12/5/16 , edited 12/5/16

TheOriginalStraynge wrote:

MagicOfSnow wrote:

Smoking. Yeah I know it's a killer but really what isn't now a days.

Fluffy bunnies?

Oh wait, nm.

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Posted 12/5/16 , edited 12/6/16
Creepy dolls
Collecting cool anime pictures.
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Posted 12/6/16 , edited 12/6/16
Video games. As someone else said, i still love and enjoy them but sometimes it feels like effort. But i couldn't let them go. Even though they consume alot of my life.
Anime. Yeah i dont like it AS much as i used to, nor watch it as much. But i cant let it go.
Hip hop. It's so dead now compared to how it was and many people (i guess as with video games and anime) seem to expect you to out grow it. But i cant let it go. To qoute Too $hort "i cant stay away" lol
Alcohol. I was able to quit weed pretty easy, i haven't had speed or magic mushrooms or anything for many years, i can avoid playing pokie machines/slot machines after going through a phase of playing them, but booze i cant give up.
But having said that, i have more alcohol free days now and i have alot of days where i drink lightly. Whilst i do get pretty drunk at times i dont get drunk and messy in public nor do i drink till i vomit or pass out.
I do sometimes not go to work due to it though ^^;
Eating bad food such as take away. I guess i go through phases where i eat it not so much and phases where i eat it waaaay too much. Def eat it too much overall.
Looking at bad porn. lol some porn i look at is wrong but i always go back!
Hmm and i guess in recent times, having nanna naps. They fuck me up but i feel i need them and i love them. lol makes life sort of a train wreck blur though.
Betting on football. I lose so much more often than i win but every season i do it again. i dont bet big though.
I guess even some of my long term friends. Some of them we have realy drifted appart a bit or its just not as fun hanging out like it was but i guess it's hard to let people that you've know for so long go.

Having said all of that. I dont really want to give any of those things up(as the thread suggests ^^; ). At times i feel that i SHOULD. And may never live a "normal" or long life if i do not.
Or save $..

EDIT: i guess even certian forums over the years that start to die or people dont like me or i dont like them or perhaps even facebook.
Posted 12/6/16 , edited 12/6/16
the caffeine
though, i've been drinking less cause reasons.

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