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Post Reply How did Crunchyroll get its start?
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Posted 2/18/17
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Posted 2/18/17 , edited 2/18/17

LightAlice wrote:
I am really curious but what site were you taking about?

Soooo. A mod deliberately and with full intent removed that information from the post you quoted, and you somehow think it was okay to ask someone to repeat information that we clearly don't want repeated?


Please don't ask, since it's against CR's site rules to tell.
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Posted 2/18/17 , edited 2/18/17

StormYul wrote:

Xmas_Hat wrote:

I heard that it actually started out like one of those free anime streaming websites (are they legal?) and became legit into the site it is today. Is that true?

The reason I bring this up is because I know of one of these free anime streaming websites. They were like any other but recently added "premium memberships" and micro transactions for website "coins". This sounds like someones idea of scamming people out of credit card money. I am wondering if this site is trying to become the next CR or is just someone looking to make some easy money.

The basic sniff test is, if you can't find it on one of the (now) legal cites, it's probably illegal.

The question is whether your free anime streaming site is just requesting fees to keep the website staying afloat or if they're actually trying to make money (profit) from people. That is, is it severe? For example, if I throw a lit cigarette out the car window it's littering. But it's unlikely I'll get arrested. If I dump a trashcan worth of stuff out the car, then I'm in all sorts of trouble.

Im gunna copy and paste the "benefits" that this site is selling memberships for

"Premium access gives you an overall improved user experience. This includes no advertising (banners, popups, etc) and no unnecessary scripts (tracking, addthis, whois, etc). While a premium user, your earned Karma per action will be boosted, allowing you to earn faster than regular users. Plus every premium member will have access to personalized themes, mobile website, direct downloads, direct offers, and of course bragging rights.


Besides the obvious, you earn Karma by performing actions. Earning Karma is achieved through helpful contributions like: adding a genre, adding a mirror, fixing a mirror, adding a thumbnails, rating an episode or series, commenting, submitting reviews and inviting friends.


Coins represent our on-site currency and allow users to buy premium access, swag, and special offers.

Coins can be purchased with karma or real currency through our payment gateway.


This could really mean anything from gift cards, amazon cards, itunes cards, anime products, promotional gear, t-shirts, collectibles, access codes to games, game time cards, and anything else we consider cool. Example: converting coins to an amazon gift card.


Lets face it, everyone likes to brag about something.


A friend in need is a friend indeed!

We are aware that not everyone will be able to buy coins. However, we suspect that at least one friend will help you out. Maybe they will gift you coins, maybe you can buy coins through them. You could easily pool your money together, have one person buy coins and then distribute them to each user. As a result, anyone who gifts will receive a badge and also a Karma bonus for helping out a friend in need.
Terms of Use

We may change or modify the terms at any time!


We are aware that people will try to game the system. Be warned that cheaters will treated harshly, banned and will forfeit all referrals, karma, and coins."

I feel like they are scamming people because giving them money doesnt support the industry like getting a CR membership would, and they don't have licenses or anything to have any of the anime on their website. Why don't anime companies sue them and shut them down?

Also, Ive seen the owner of the website being a huge dick to commenters on their site, even telling them to fuck off and stuff like that. So unprofessional I can't stand it.

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Posted 2/19/17
I remember anyone could upload whatever they wanted, like youtube. Only some uploaded actual anime, while the rest uploaded amv's.
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Posted 2/19/17
They started like the youtube of anime. Then got financial backing which Funimation didn't like, so they sued. Then CR went legit

That's pretty much it. And by that copy pasted description above I think I know what site you're referring to
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Posted 2/19/17
I will tell you the story.... of a couple of nerds that was all like "OMG we need a youtube for just anime. " and thus crunchy roll was born
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Posted 3/14/17
I remember when this site was just another uploading and illegal streaming site. I joined at 2008 after all so I also saw how it changed to what it is today. There were so many videos here back then and the ones prominently being uploaded were videos of the then airing Shugo Chara.
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Posted 3/14/17
I was around when Crunchyroll was first founded. It was a lot different than what you see now. Crunchyroll at that time was also illegally streaming shows when the site founder was approached by execs in Japan about how much the site does draw traffic and made a deal. Cru chyroll used to be the Kissanime of the past, but went the right direction.
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Posted 3/15/17
I would like to see a history book about Crunchyroll. Wouldn't that be great?
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