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THIS OPTION SHOULDN'T EVEN BE QUESTIONED, BUT SIMPLY ADD IT THIS INSTANT! It would seriously save us the whole trouble of having to wait for our premium membership to end, to be able to delete the account and have to make a new one, having all our watched videos deleted & start all over again adding people.

Some of us are not the type that doesn't pay mind to this things, some of us simply get tired and would like a change of name for whatever reason, like a new nickname a friend gave you, or a new one you came up with after watching a show etc. If this was added, I think there would be less alt accounts made, and less people leaving for having the people from support not paying attention to the little things we all do, like also fixing the views from crunchyroll groups, because they are frozen, or everyone always getting that one invisible friend making your total having an extra number, specially when you add yourself. Is not really about just watching anime, because then why even have the rest of the entertainment in the first place, if you guys aren't gonna even fix them when they break.

I wanted a change of username so I made a new account, then I went and asked for a premium membership transfer so I could have this account deleted and have the premium membership at my new account. I have the right to request for a premium membership transfer because I have always done it, and I've had always gotten it.

But today this person "helping" me, simply made it way too complicated because I bet they are the type of 'not minding such things' so they must have taken it too personal to having to do such request, so they thought I should be waiting for the premium to get expire & then start anew instead of asking for such request, because they simply said "oh no we can not simply take the rest of your premium and transfer, for a simple change of username"!!
BUT I'M THE CLIENT & THE CLIENT IS ALWAYS RIGHT!! & as a client I should get what I'm asking for, and it's not my fault that I have to demand what I want simply because you guys don't have the option of changing usernames.

This person first misunderstood my request I have no idea how and changed my email here, from the one I had to the one I used for the new account.

I'm not stupid, to not know how to change my email in one account. I seriously have no idea, how from "transfer my membership from this account to the other" they didn't understand. Once the membership is transferred, the person from support deletes the account I want to get rid off and end of story.

If you guys are tired of people LIKE ME, then add the option of changing usernames, at least once a month like MyAnimeList does. That would literally make a bunch of people happy.

THIS IS FEEDBACK! .. .and a bit of complaining.
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OH and I'm mad, because my new account got deleted*
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Changing usernames is incompatible with CR's back end so they can't just add it.
Also changing usernames could be majorly problematic with hacked accounts. penguincat one day then bobsmith the next then jhfdubrchbrc the day/month after. So they would have to keep tabs on all existing names. I really don't understand any reasons why people have to change usernames constantly. Outside of the forum and this video is exclusively for.... you don't even see it anyway.

Also what would stop someone from hacking a account saying I want to move the membership to penguindog how exactly would cr validate that the account holder is requesting the move and not a intruder?

Most alt accounts are to abuse gift passes. Due to the imposed limit. So allowing changing of usernames wouldn't fix that...
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penguincat wrote:I really don't understand any reasons why people have to change usernames constantly. Outside of the forum and this video is exclusively for.... you don't even see it anyway.

I think that's the problem. It's not just your account/signin name, it's the name shown in the community.

Maybe CR should implement a "Display Name" that's separate to the actual username. People like control over the name they present to the world. And this can change from time to time.

Putting aside shifts in fandom or new nicknames, there are valid reasons why people may wish to change their displayed name. And these are real life examples I've seen on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

If you use your real first and/or surname in your username, what if that changes?
And it does. Marriage, divorce, coming out as transgender. I've seen people' usernames change on other sites because of those reasons. Even if the backend username can't change, a user's display name should have that option.
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