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Post Reply Massive Voter Fraud in Michigan, Voter ID law coming
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Posted 12/16/16
"Your post is a fantastic example of why the Democrats lost. It features demonization, that old reliable Democratic stand by, name-calling, class warfare, and all the usual Democratic party nonsense, right done to the absurdity of insulting President Reagan."

Tell me, if asked "Do you disavow this KKK leader who has endorsed you?" How many days would it take you to say F that guy? Three? Is it three days like our president elect took? Sure, call it name-calling. That completely makes his racism not exist.

If you went to a remote tropical island of 100 natives and one guy owned half of everything, you would think he was served as a God or had slaves. Remember when the Republicans shut down the government to extend tax breaks for the super rich? Which are you, a slave or a devout servant?

At some point, your core beliefs of not being a racist will outweigh the social bias of going along with "your" party. At some point, you will see that the real class warfare is against you by a man who practically lives in Loius XIV's throne room and that his trucker hat is a costume that fools patsies. While Trump argued in debate about crime being out of control, the reality is that it's been going down for forty years, though studies show that people believe the opposite. This was a deliberate and successful attempt to tap in on fear instead of rational facts. I refuse to believe you can't improve your perspective on reality because I believe the vast majority of people are good and reasonably intelligent.

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