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Posted 12/10/16 , edited 12/10/16
So I have a premium account now and wanted to start watching anime through the app on my android TV box. App loads fine, but when an episode is selected, I get the player to pop up Fullscreen. Then nothing at all. No load ring, no error message, no buffering message, no nothing. Don't see why no videos will attempt to load on here. The Crunchy app is updated to version 2.0.9 The box is running Android 4.4.2 If it helps at all, the box is a matrix on GBox Q.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.....
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Posted 12/11/16 , edited 12/11/16
I am having the same issue when using the application on my Sony smart TV and when running it on my Amazon Fire TV. The only place where it works is on my phone, but obviously I want to watch the shows on my TV.

Any help will be appreciated.
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Posted 12/17/16 , edited 12/17/16
I'm having same issue on my mobile phone. Started a couple weeks ago. Works when I Chromecast though.

Xperia XZ
Android 7.0

Tried logging out/in, deleting catch etc, uninstalling-reinstalling, factory reset my phone.

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