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Posted 12/10/16
Hello all,

I updated from a Gen3 to a Gen 4 AppleTV. Just added in the Crunchyroll app and I have to say this is the buggiest and most frustrating thing ever. Let's see, these are the litany of things I have seen in just trying to watch 3 episodes:

1) Episode resets to the beginning (doesn't matter where you are)
2) Playback freezes
3) Fast forward seems to fight itself. Starts fast forwarding then backs up, then fast forwards again.
4) At the end of the episode the go to next episode covers the subtitles. No way to get rid of it
5) There is no play from where you left off, it always plays from the beginning

I have to say from a long time paying Crunchyroll customer this is a hugh step back. I know this is Crunchyroll as I have tried Netflix, HBO Go and Hulu without issue. However since I use Cruchyroll a lot I may drop back to the Gen 3. This new app is pretty much like the Funimation debacle with their crappy "Now" service.
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Posted 12/11/16
Unfortunately they have recently (2 Nov 2016) changed to a new version of their AppleTV app which was a big downgrade over the previous version. Usability nightmare, no history etc...

At-least they do seem to be fixing some things (Update released a couple of days ago), like having the queue page take you to the show page rather than just playing the latest episode. But I guess when/if they fix it all will be quite a long time.

Point 4 particularly annoys me, especially when watching short shows.
I can't believe that got through any sort of usability testing.

As for the other points, for me when starting an episode it always carries on from where it left off with no option to restart from the beginning. Playback has also generally been ok for me with the updated version. I've not tried fast forwarding, so no comment there, but I'll give it a go later.
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