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Posted 12/10/16 , edited 12/10/16
Hey guys, my names Micah I run a small channel on YouTube where I release news, do reviews, and Top 10s about anime. For awhile I was just doing Youtube as a hobby to pass the time. But now I'm wanting to try to make it a career path. I really love making my videos and getting peoples opinions on them. But this is the first time I ever considered trying youtube as a career. However for my to make my videos better and of the high quality edited verity, I need better equipment. Right now I shoot most of my video from an old iphone 4s that I have standing on a gorilla stand. No really.. take a look

I do have a part-time job , but all the money from that job is going toward bills at the moment. So I created a patreon account www.patreon.com/OtakuDeity in hopes of getting some support toward getting the needed equipment. If you are willing to help out by simply pledging 1.50 to 5$ toward bettering my channel. I'd greatly appreciate it. Once my channel grows more I plan on Upgrading the rewards for each pledge amount. Right now the amount I'm trying to reach per month is 50$ and i'm only asking my patrons to pledge 1.50 to 5$ why so small amounts? because I'm a small channel no need to ask for a lot when my channel isn't even that big yet.

Yeh you're right there really isn't a reason as to why you "should" pledge to my channel, you don't know me personally. But if you could it would mean a great deal to me and help out a lot. I did ask my family to help but none of them budged, kinda sad right? I finally find something i want to try to do with my life and my family isn't backing me up well except for my Mother. So I thought I'd try hitting the anime community and see if they can help out.

My channel's main goal is to produce spoiler free anime content. A lot of reviewers I've seen out there these days just feed you the whole story, which in some cases leads to a loss of interest in the said series that is being reviewed. So with my reviews, I try to avoid that, why because, I personally believe the best experience is the one you see through your own eyes. I will inform you about the story, and it's aspects but i won't give out any major details, there for allowing you to experience the series for yourself in your own way.

This is my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/OtakuDietyODReviews please stop by and offer your advice, critique and subscribe if you enjoy my videos.

Patrons will get access to all my future videos before I even release them on youtube, via patreon, and shout out from my channel after every video as a reward for helping. and like I said, once the channel has grown more, the rewards for each pledge will be updated. So please pledge if you can, if not please share my videos with others.

This is a video I made for my Patreon Journey. https://youtu.be/UljoPxPCHfc
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Posted 12/23/17
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