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What TV You Are Using ?
Posted 12/14/16
It's broken and I'm not replacing it.
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27 / F / New Jersey, USA
Posted 12/14/16
I don't have a TV...

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19 / M / Palm Coast, Florida
Posted 12/14/16 , edited 12/14/16
A small Emerson TV, I'm not checking the type right now, but the screen is slightly larger than an entire Chromebook.
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Posted 12/15/16

nanikore2 wrote:

if only the tech zombies also have the same mindset when they traded in that $700-$900 phone to get another $700-$900 phone every single year..

the thing with recycle electronics is this

PBS NewHour link

Watchdog group tracks what really happens to your ‘recycled’ e-waste

also those early model of 4K tvs use more energy than the CRTs.. the same models they are selling on black friday and cyber monday this year..

recycle is the last resort for me-- unless no one wants them

You people must live in big houses... I have a 60" and there's little point in me getting 4K because I'm sitting 8 feet away.

But yeah, recycling isn't always recycling. The waste company that handles my house garbage has e-waste recycling (have to personally bring the stuff, and hand-register them) but who knows how good of a job they do.

actually you will be benefiting from 4K with your viewing distance--

i think the typical house size in 2010s is around 2500 sq ft

the older houses from the 1970s.. 1800sq ft or so ?

the new ones are even bigger..

i saw model houses around here that are 6000+ sq ft.. the lot size is probably 20-30,000 sq ft-- people have their own little golf course on some lots..

typical family/living room.. wall to wall you have 14-15+ft .. some even large

and there are house plans where they have one large room.. combining family room+dinning room+ kitchen into one..

so when i'm looking at the tv from 25-30ft away.. 65"in is small..

70-80" might be better.. but for now.. i can't afford it + there's no 3 in 1 stand that can hold a tv that large..
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32 / M / Texas
Posted 12/15/16

Otherwise, when I was allowed to - 60"
One Punch Mod
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Posted 12/23/17
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