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Political Hypocrisy
Posted 12/16/16

runec wrote:

choppin_broccoli wrote:
Well, here I can agree with you if I take you out of context, because that's pretty much cia & like minded entities that are responsible for those things mentioned.

The CIA is responsible for the invasion of Crimea? -.-

choppin_broccoli wrote:And the second part, mostly unqualified bluster. Let's let the pendulum swing both ways here - tell me again what you can prove of Putin's "corrupt network of financial dealings" (funny how that's precisely what the clinton foundation is) and territorial "aspirations" (Crimea has been Russian since the end of the Ottoman Empire,)

Oh oh, Clinton Foundation. Let me mark my Bingo card.

Putin's financial dealings aren't exactly a secret even in Russia itself nor is the web of oligarchs tied into Putin and the Russia government. He is rather similar to Trump in a lot of ways in that he pushes himself as a brandname and keeps up a veneer of wealth and power.

As for Crimea; That's the argument you're going for? Its okay to invade Crimnea because it was part of Russia in 1922? If you want to start looking back like that Crimea was originally annexed by Russia in the first place prior to that. None of that changes the fact that modern Crimea was independent and Russia invaded though. Or that Putin likewise invaded Georgia under similar bullshit pretenses.

choppin_broccoli wrote:
Callin 'em as I see 'em, I'm a moderate nationalist and vehement anti federalist - so I can accept when other nations take steps to protect their nation against jacked up things my nation does, that I very much do not approve of. Illegal war crime level things from quasi federal quasi private entities of little to no constitutional legitimacy.

You must be dizzy from all that spin. You should probably sit down. Do you need some water?

On the upside you must be nearing your quota at the troll factory by now. Almost quitting time!

You just like to make me think you go out of your way to interpret things in the most whacked out fashion possible.

1) for the last time Russia did not invade Crimea. That is false, so here I am pointing out once again that you're arguing from a position of fallacy, how the hell do you want me to treat that?

2) proving once again, your grasp of history and facts are shaky. All the wealth of the oligarchs does not belong to putin, the wealth of Putin's friends and allies is not Putin's. Do you even realize that a lot of these assessments of his wealth are counting wealth that does not belong to him? So just realize that you are again pushing a false pretense in your argument.

Crimea was not independent, false again. Are you just trying to make up garbage?

Oh, you dont know about why Russia went in to georgia like 8 years ago? I'm not surprised you didnt hear why. Tell me again why a Russian flag does not fly in Georgia's state houses? Do you know what he was putting a stop to? And why they left after they had put a stop to it?

Like I said, it is a bit daft to "debate" with you on these things, because you are so utterly misinformed about so many of the events in question.
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