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Posted 12/13/16 , edited 12/14/16
I would really like it if the flash player would attempt to reconnect more aggressively.
Usually when watching a 30 minute episode on CR I will have a stream DC midway and require a physical reload of the browser. It's not even that long of a disconnect, maybe 10 seconds at max (usually lower). I blame Comcast for being horrible, but other web streaming clients I've used don't have the problem CR seems to have of not reconnecting automatically.

Also, the average streaming speed I get from CR is 200 KB/s (I got this from my router). Netflix recommends 625KB/s for HD quality (1080p) and 300KB/s for standard quality. I would be perfectly happy to pay more for faster speed. No this speed isn't my internet's fault, I can download a Linux image consistently at 3 MB/s and steam will download at 5 MB/s. If that is lower than the speed the CDNs are providing than your contract you need to reach out to them and ask them to fix it. Otherwise if it is Comcast purposely slowing our streaming (blackmail) then I would like to be notified similar to what Netflix does.

The slow streaming speed plus the need to reload (which destroys the buffer/cache) is really annoying and makes me watch SD quite often even though I am paying for a subscription.
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