Cool Retro Game- Utopia
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Posted 12/14/16 a free online browser based game that can also be played on your phone. It was created in the late 90s and it is 100% textbased. You have a province that starts out small, and you have to work to build it by exploring, attacking other provinces, building armies, etc. The mechanics are time based, with each Utopian year being a real life week, each Utopian month being a real day, and each Utopian day being a real hour. You are not alone, however, as your province will be put into a Kingdom full of other players, up to 25, that act as your team.

As your team goes, so does your province, so the best Kingdoms act as highly coordinated units to obtain resources from other Kingdoms. There are several crowns that both Kingdoms, and individual provinces can win each round. A typical round lasts 12-15 weeks before the server resets and new tweaks and surprises for the next round are presented so Kingdoms can adjust their new round goals and strategies.

Utopia is a highly social game, due to the coordination required by Kingdoms, as well as kingdoms potentially being together for many years at a time, so if this is a turn off than its definitely not the game for you.

Its 100% free, though you will likely have to/ want to download outside chat apps and bot systems that store information to help bridge the gap between 1990s tech and the 2016 world. These 3rd party apps are also all free.

A lot of the games are newer in here so I figured I would share a cool retro one I like. The new round just started so now is the perfect time to join!

PS: Not sure if posting a link is kosher, but several people I have invited to try the game before report not being able to find it very easily. If it is against this forum policy and you are a mod, feel free to delete it, or I will delete it once I see it is indeed against the rules. Thanks for your understanding!
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Posted 12/31/17
End of the year clean up ^,^ Closing threads from 2016
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