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autism link to vitamin D deficency in pregnancy found
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Posted 12/18/16

Xxanthar wrote:

I've given out a bunch of vitamin D injections to deficient women.

xanny plz lol
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Posted 12/18/16 , edited 12/18/16
I think light and it's impact on health is something overlooked and thought as being unimportant amongst nearly everyone. Circadian rhythms (The roughly 24 hour cycle in the physiological processes of living beings) for instance are pretty much the foundation of all living organisms since it governs the regulation of most if not all body functions such as: sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, and body temperature to name a few. The hormonal aspect is the most notable since if we have a arrhythmia in our own internal clock things like diabetes, obesity, various forms of cancer, crappy nutrient partitioning, various sleep disorders like insomnia, depression, bipolar disorder and the infamous Seasonal affective disorder become more of a possibility. All mostly influenced by the external signals of various solar radiation whether that be the whole solar spectrum of light and other non visible forms of radiation or artificial light (of which looking into blue light one would find something worth while).

The research in photobiology and chronobiology supports this claim like using the results of an isolation of certain light waves like some did with UV in the past and not doing the same research on UV in the full solar spectrum), and so does your own experience (though no one is every really in touch and involved with that so we need tons of research and machines as a crutch ) Anyway with all that said this type of finding doesn't surprise me since I think there is a lot more to light in it's various forms whether isolated, artificial or in the full spectrum that it's naturally in and it's influence on health than what the research shows currently, though while I think light is a major factor in alot of diseases including autism (of which I think all share the same root) I don't think it's the only major factor since there are other highly influential environmental influences that aren't within the scope of this thread also nor do I care to talk about it.

Here's some reading material for the 2 or 3 people who care or are interested about this stuff.

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Posted 12/23/17
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