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Post Reply Why do people seem to have big egos
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Posted 12/17/16
The answer is in the picture down below! :p ((j/k, I'm merely role playing as Marcus Octavius from Highland Anime movie)).

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Posted 12/17/16
Combination of reasons. Some people actually are just really good at alot of things and instead of just being confident and humble about it they end up with big heads and are cocky. Cant blame em if they have alot of cheer leaders and followers, to and extent i guess.
Others may have a dad and/or older brothers that are not to be fucked with. Like a bikie gang member or something like that so the son may think he is hard and untouchable and on the mind set of "fuck you cos i can" or "wtf are you going to do about it?"
I guess if a guy is really good at sports and fighting and gets all the girls it has a good change of giving him a big ego.
I'd say that being wealthy could have this effect on alot of people as well.
Some people it can even be how smart or intelligent they are, how educated they are. Shit even how geeky they are lol. I've seen this at forums like this and at anime conventions.
For a female, well is she is smoking hot and pretty much gets everything that she wants, knows she is hotter than the other girls and can control men, i could see how that could cause a big ego also.
And like others have said, for some people it is false. It's just this need to try and impress people. Not sure if they do it to try and fit in or be accepted or just that they really care about their reputation or just really dont want to be viewed as weak or a pussy or?
And yeah for others it is a delusion. Like say someone who listens to rap and walks around like hes a rapper or a gangsta and a bad ass when in reality he is just an average joe who aint shit. lol

But yeah, i've been confident before to the point where i am strong minded and have no self doubts and feel good about myself, even moments of cockyness but i have never understood how some people just seem to think that they're so much better than everyone else.
Just so sure of themselves like their shit dont stink.
Nothing wrong with confidence but some people really are just asses. Just have no regard for anyone else around them and are quick to put others down or want to fight.
And some people can just never admit to being wrong. I see this alot at work lol, like someone will make a mistake, which we all do but some people just simply cannot admit to or accept that they made an error.
And some people really are mister know it alls and can never admit when they're wrong. Like their opinion is fact and that is that.

Not sure if it's societies fault or just human nature?

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