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Posted 12/17/16 , edited 3/22/17
Just as the title and description says, feel free to discuss anything to do with the InuYasha The Final Act 2009 anime series. This discussion thread is ONLY for the 2009 anime. Do not discuss the InuYasha 2000 anime or its movies here.

You can also ask questions, talk about things regarding the 2009 anime, etc.

Happy posting!

So, any fans still around? Hopefully I'm not the only one still enjoying the anime!

I am planning on rewatching this series very soon. It will be fun revisiting this classic anime series again.
Posted 12/17/16 , edited 12/17/16
I just watched the Final Act a few months back.
Miroku became alot more badass in it, It was nearly ruined by too much Kikyo though.
The ending theme was really good though.
It;s a good thing I liked all the characters they helped overshadow the cheesy irritating atrocious scenes that featured Kikyo.

However as it always is with Rumiko Takahashi the ending left me feeling indiffrent but it felt sort of satisfying compared to 2000 ending.

Overall 7.5/10
I did feel that rightfully so it featured more on the other characters not dealing with Inuyash's main 6 group.
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Posted 12/17/16 , edited 3/16/17
I thought the ending was fine, though I admit the whole thing with

Other things I didn't like was

However, I'm glad they toned down the pervyness of Miroku and the overuse of Osuwari, and toned down Kagome being super uber jealous all the time.

Other than those minor issues, I thought it was a great way to end a long running series.
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Posted 12/22/16 , edited 3/16/17
I was glad to have it and it ended pretty nicely.
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Posted 3/16/17

I am a die hard Inuyasha fan and have watched the series far too many times so here goes my analysis:

I felt that the Final Act was an excellent summary of the characters surrounding the entire journy towards the completion of the Final Jewel and defeating Naraku. I felt that there could have been more detail, but it follows very closely with the manga so I cannot be upset with how it turned out. I would have liked to see more development between Inuyasha and Kagome as I feel they are always cut-off when they get somewhere, but as any good Shounen anime this is very typical.

I was glad to see Kikyo scenes because that gave a lot of closure for viewers as well as for Inuyasha himself. It is alwasy refreshing to see a strong male character express his emotions and motives because it is something that is not seen as often as it should be in media.

To go off this piece I felt it was very comical that almost immediately after Kikyo's death, Inuyasha goes to make a move on Kagome in her room during her time. This I found funny because it was almost too soon.

I really enjoyed seeing Sesshomaru and Rin play out because she is what brings out his loyal nature and his compassion for others. I always felt that he felt cheated by his father and his sword, but that was never the case and having Rin there showed him that he was never cheated and never not given the opportunities he only had to work with Inuyasha and learn to love others.

I find that Kagome staying with Inuyasha in the end made sense mostly because she was always there and she never had much of a connection with the present time. I believe this is in part due to her being a reincarnation of Kikyo. I also think her delivering the final blow was interesting, but made sense because of again her being Kikyo's reincarnation and Kikyo consistently stating that only she can kill Naraku. I also determine the final blow as when Kagome tells the sacred jewel to disappear which is almost a joint effort since she needs Inuyasha present to come to the conclusion.

Overall it was a beautiful anime and I wish it could go on forever, but alas that is not possible. I felt the end seemed like there was somehting missing perhaps more of a declaration of love from Inuyasha or somethig. I guess there's always fanfiction for that.
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Posted 3/16/17 , edited 3/16/17
Why bring back such an old topic? Inuyasha is over and dead with, let it die
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Posted 3/17/17
Why is this back?
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