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Russia now a partisan issue in US politics?
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Posted 12/20/16 , edited 12/21/16

runec wrote:

The part I was referring too as unprecedented was having such a wide partisan gulf in such a relatively short span of time. That aligns with the rhetoric going on. Its a clear break from historical trends so finding historical parallels in the same category is difficult. Especially for a party ( Republicans ) who have had a long and storied history of animosity towards Russia.

As I said, the article doesn't give us any reference to compare the difference between 7 percent disagreement on Russia and 15 percent disagreement (all while 69 percent of Republicans do not consider Russia friendly or an ally), and it doesn't measure short-term fluctuations at all. So it hasn't shown that the fluctuation we've observed is actually important; it's only shown it exists. And it didn't compare the fluctuation to a similar short-term event like opinion of the Reagan Doctrine.

Data isn't always useful, and talking like it is without demonstrating its importance is misleading. Data also doesn't exist without context, as if all knowledge is objective. There's a difference between giving a smoker a dataset on smokers' health and a dataset on all the types of Lego pieces in existence. Respected entities like FiveThirtyEight are in fact distorting the importance of information by presenting it as if it were impartial and necessarily relevant. And that's exactly what fake news is.
Posted 12/21/16 , edited 12/21/16

VZ68 wrote:

Where do I sign up for the death squads?

While I am pretty much morally against these targets also, the context is a little lacking, because they're not showing the other popup "target" that shows the same person in the same position but with not-quite-a-gun.

I agree that it is teaching police to shoot you the second they see a gun, and that's messed up.

But, in the interests of presenting a situation evenly, this is a small slice of the training targets and when presented by certain sources, they forget to mention the other targets that look almost exactly the same, and its the gun identification that the police are being trained for.

Its almost like they expect civil unrest, hey? Well, hopefully that's not what the fema coffins are for.
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Posted 12/23/17 , edited 12/23/17
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