InuYasha Manga Discussion
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Posted 12/19/16 , edited 3/22/17
Just as the title and description says, feel free to discuss anything to do with the InuYasha manga series. This discussion thread is ONLY for the manga. Do not discuss the anime or the anime films here.

You can also ask questions, talk about things regarding the manga.

Happy posting!

So, any fans still around? Hopefully I'm not the only one still a fan of InuYasha!

I actually never read the manga yet as I have only seen both anime series (InuYasha & InuYasha The Final Act). I am planning on reading the manga very soon. I only have the first 3 VIZBig volumes, and I found out the other VIZBig volumes are available for borrowing through my library so I will be checking out those books when I get a chance. I believe there are 18 VIZBig volumes in all. I can't wait to read the manga since I've enjoyed both anime series and all 4 anime films. Has anyone revisited this manga recently?
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Posted 12/19/16 , edited 3/17/17
Well, in case you couldn't guess from my username, I love InuYasha! I personally prefer the manga over the anime, but I revisit my favorite moments of the Final Act quite regularly. I own about a third of the Viz Bigs, hope to collect them all at some point.

I actually recorded two podcasts about the series last month to celebrate it's 20th anniversary. A retrospective on the series, going over it's history and me and my co-host's favorite moments from the series, and a debate podcast where me and Josh Dunham from the Senpai Coast to Coast podcast and Wave Motion Canon blog debate topics related to the series. They've been pretty well received by InuYasha fans so please check them out if you're interested! :)

InuYasha 20th Anniversary Retrospective:
InuYasha "Manga Fight" Debate Podcast:
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Posted 12/22/16 , edited 12/22/16
I am assuming you're a Rumiko Takahashi fan as well cuz your username has some of her best series. ;)

Cool, I'll check it out when I have time.
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Posted 3/16/17 , edited 3/17/17
Another die hard Inuyasha fan here!!! *raises hand*

I've never read the manga in full, but I always find manga to be more fulfilling than anime.

I love Inuyasha and I will be sure to check out those podcasts!

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Posted 3/18/17 , edited 3/18/17
i enjoyed it, had a simple ending though.
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