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Charging before accounts due
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Posted 12/19/16 , edited 12/19/16

oscarfrog wrote:

My account is billed through paypal, I don't use my bank card directly. And I mentioned that they told me to put the money back and talk to the bank after they refunded it, that I did, and that they refused to refund the overdraft fee. That's what prompted me to then set up the additional line of credit to protect against the overdraw issue, the same day I was in the bank discussing the fee and the charge. FYI be the time the refund came back I had already had my account back into the positive because of my direct deposit, which if they had billed when they claimed they would, would have been in my account and eliminated any issues entirely.

If your PayPal account is set up to first draft directly from your bank account and uses the debit card only for backup, that certainly wouldn't have the protection from the 2010 law.

Also, as you were going through PayPal, the charge should have gone back into your PayPal account balance and never reached your bank. That's certainly the way it has always worked with refunds I have received for PayPal transactions. In that scenario, I can certainly understand the bank refusing to waive the overdraft fee.

To be fair, you only mentioned that CR said than bank wouldn't charge you the overdraft fee if you put the money back in. Perhaps you felt that implied you contacted your bank, but in my long experience with online discussions, I've found following such implications are wrong as often as they are right.

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Posted 12/19/16
OP nuked, so closed.
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