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Nice, France style terror attack in Berlin Christmas market
Posted 12/20/16

choppin_broccoli wrote:

choppin_broccoli wrote:

was the perp on terror watch lists and shown to be in constant communication with certain security agencies not too long before the act?

further review, nope

fishiest thing seems to be the dead passenger

semis arent easy to drive, most people cant just get in them and up and drive it......which might be why the guy crashed it so quickly.

(but if that's the case then that kinda indicates the dead man is some sort of plant to make it terrorism....but hey, that's why you flood the place with illegal immigrants before doing these sorts of things, then people cant even tell if its a copycat or if its the federal security services doing it.)

I read that the dead passenger was the original driver that was hijacked. He was probably kept alive long enough to drive the truck to the area.
Posted 12/23/16 , edited 12/23/16
GPS is showing that the truck was hijacked ~4 hours before the "terror" incident.

I guess he forgot to complete his commercial drivers license training before trying to fly that truck.

Eyewitness follows the perp and identifies him, then the police release him,

find a totally different ID inside the truck after a day's time, and then go find the guy in another country and jeez dodnt ya know he up and fired at police the second he saw them, and dead men tell no tales.

If this was merely a copycat "ISIS" then....the dude probably would have given up after he pretty much couldnt figure out how to operate a commercial semi truck.

It took this guy almost 2 hours to get this truck started and moving. moving just a little bit. And it was a further 3 hours before the attack happened.

This truck was on GPS the entire time, tucking co knew something was amiss by 4pm and somehow in 4 hours, the police cant locate a GPS signal??????????????????????????????????????

and the familiar "we knew he would strike"

our security services are the premier source for the world's fake news.

I'll call a big fat bullshit on this one.... the mechanisms of law somehow do not work, perp conveniently leaves his ID and relevant documentation, he fails time and again while the clock's ticking.....

yeah, just "police incompetence" now let's make sure we restrict some more freedoms that we cant otherwise get into the law books
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Posted 12/24/16 , edited 12/24/16
like i said .. this will become the norm from now on

1- it's cost effective

2- the assault weapon (the truck) is readily available (no background check required)

3- it's an effective tool of mass murder-- that doesn't cost you thousands of dollars

thus i'm in favor of some device that will require to see the face of the driver at all time while the truck is in motion.. if not it will auto shut off or something.. >?
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Posted 12/27/16
Posted 12/28/16

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Posted 11/7/17 , edited 11/7/17
Closed because OP nuked.
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