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The object of the game is simple: The person above will list their title, summary, and a few characters to their story. The person below will rate all three and give feedback(optional) on it then list their own. If you feel you must put it in spoilers then do so.

Be kind, respectful, and honest. Give helpful advice if you must.

Use this format:


My Turn:

Title: The Last Man Standing Is King

Summary:Feliciana, an average girl wakes up from a cryogenic slumber with no memory of how she gotten in the situation. When she awakes she notices that she isn't the only one in cryogenic sleep. Nine other people has fallen victim to it. Once the nine people wake up, they and Feliciana go out searching for answers. What they find is a world ruined by time and planet life. The ten of them begin to search for clues about what happened and any other signs of people still living. As they all go on a long journey to find answers with other people, Feliciana and soon the other noticed that working cameras follow them everywhere they go. They all realize that someone or something is watching their every movement. But they do not know who. Everyone goes a little insane over being watched by some person or thing who isn't trying to help them. It isn't long until Feliciana and the others discover that they are apart of a vicious game show. The ten of them must try to survive the hostile environment and each others while someone is watching them. Soon terrible, strange, and frightening things start to happen to Feliciana and the others. They must fight for their survival, seek the truth, and figure out who is watching them. But only one can remain standing and that person will become king.

Characters: Feliciana Cinderstone, Jericho Wintergreen, Milisandia Edgewater, and Ezekiel Mortengrove
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Posted 12/21/16
OP asked to close. Locked.
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