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Posted 12/22/16
Been trying to find this anime again for a couple of weeks and its killing me lol. I guess I should have written it down but did not think it was going to be this hard to find again. It started off at night with a guy leaving what appeared o be a college and notices a girl in a red dress making out with a guy at a bus stop booth thing. He makes a comment like show some discretion its not like I have a girlfriend and stomps off. Then the next seen it shows the guy dead on the ground and the girl laughing. A little later he goes on a date with this girl and he meets her in front of a hotel and gets all these high hopes of getting some. Well it pans off to one of the windows and it shows the girl looking down at him with some ugly guy behind her in a towel. If this sounds familiar please let me know like I said lol its driving me up the wall.
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