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Posted 12/22/16
Has anyone here ever bought the Vocaloid software and/or voice banks from (and shipped to) Canada? Or at least from outside the US and Japan.

I've looked in a few music stores in the city where I live and firstly, I wasn't able to find any clerk that already knew what vocaloids were, and secondly, they were not able to order the products from their providers (even the one that was a Yamaha retailer...).

I obviously searched on Google to try to find a place where I could order it online, but there wasn't much results that I would trust to handle properly the 300$ I'm about to invest.

There's a few people selling it on Ebay and Amazon but like many other products listed on these two websites, the sellers could not care enough to put a clear description of what they're actually selling... so I'm not confident enough to gamble my money there. (though I actually trust the platform itself)

The other solution I can think of is to translate the japanese website to english and order directly from there, if it allows me to.

I'm particularly interested in the Hatsune Miku V4X English Bundle which seems to include a DAW software and all the standard Miku voices along with her english version ( Which I also hope that the software itself can be installed in english...

Any useful information is welcome. Thanks.
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Posted 5/6/17
You can purchase Miku V4X online on BFA, An official English and Crypton Vocaloid Distributor
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