Visual Novel Recommendations?
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Posted 12/22/16
Anyone have some visual novel recommendations? I'm kind of new to them but so far I've played Danganropa, Zero Escape, and Steins Gate 0.

Btw I really hate harems and any animation style that is overly childish. I want a game that is serious and mildly uses comedy. Really all I want out of a vn is a rich and engaging story. Also make sure it's been released in the west...

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Posted 12/23/16 , edited 12/23/16
I'm also somewhat new to visual novels, having started about a year ago. Here are some that I've played:

Steins;Gate: I'm not sure if you played the original Steins;Gate since you only mentioned Steins;Gate 0... I haven't played Steins;Gate 0 myself, yet.

Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair: If you liked the first game, you'll probably like the sequel

Tokyo Babel: action, drama, comedy involving superpowers, angels, and demons

Root Double -Before Crime * After Days-: mystery, suspense involving ESP

All games mentioned are available on Steam.
I suggest checking out VNDB (visual novel database) for more details and to see whether or not the character designs are to your liking.
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Posted 12/28/16
I recommend Steins Gate PC, Fate Stay Night Realta Nua all ages ver, And Fruits of Grisaia on steam
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Posted 12/28/16 , edited 12/28/16
The best I've played: (All on Steam or coming there soon except Katawa Shoujo)

Katawa Shoujo (free at ): romance
Clannad: romance, some comedy, will make you cry.
The Fruit of Grisaia: Romance, action, comedy.
The Devil on G-String (G-Senjou no Maou): action, romance, mystery
Little Busters: romance, mystery
Steins; Gate: Romance, mystery, sci-fi

Planetarian: post-apocalyptic tear-jerker
Analogue: A Hate Story: romance, sci-fi

Games with VN elements (but other game play):
Valkyria Chronicles (hybrid strategy/RPG)
Sunrider: Liberation Day (hybrid space-tactical combat game)
Long Live the Queen! (hybrid time-management game)
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Posted 1/7/18
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