Why did I walk in the music store today..... xD
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Posted 12/23/16 , edited 12/23/16
So I was on my way to pick up a battery for my tuner, which was like 3$ and some drum sticks

OK cool...... but I walk out of the store spending $412

Because of this devil!

an electrical classical guitar with built in tuner. For $399 and he even said he would throw taxes in for an even $400 purchase. Right there I was fucked because I knew I was walking out with it. Regardless of the brand, you aren't going to get that fucking deal unless you buy it right then and there.

This always happens to me xD but hey. I always tell myself if the deal is there, just fucking take it. I got my 6 string the same way, my twelve string, and now the classical guitar, and I kid you not. The 6 string was $375, twelve string was $400 and now the classical for $400.

I know I shouldn't have bought it, but you can't stop me when I'm set on buying something, it just happens

So anybody ever get good deals on instruments? Maybe you went a little overboard?
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Posted 1/1/17 , edited 1/2/17
what is the purpose of the switches on the side of the guitar?
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Posted 2/2/18 , edited 2/2/18
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