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"The Americas" and "America" - An attempt to settle a internet argument that pops up occasionally
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Posted 12/27/16 , edited 12/27/16

Rujikin wrote:

N/S poles flipped? Time for some manifest destiny!!!

oh look, it's the new world order that people have been talking about
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Posted 12/28/16

StellarAgent wrote:
As a Patriotic Canadian, I have to give this post One Thumbs DOWN for saying that we don't want to be left out of the American national identities debate.

Glad to hear an opinion from a Canadian. Let me just clarify that I do not mean Canadians think they are part of the USA, I'm not talking about national identities but some weird "American" identity.

However, maybe what I said before is a USA-American sentiment that I'm attributing to Canadians.

For example, a lot of ppl from the USA feel some sort of need to be "politically correct" and say North America (i.e. USA + Canada) when referring to America. Because saying only America implies only USA and leaves out Canada. The same people however, have no issue isolating Mexico and the rest of South America. That is, Canada seems to have some part in this American identity but not Central/South America.
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Posted 12/23/17
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