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Posted 12/27/16

I'm making a cringey animation for a late Christmas special. Sort of like the stuff HeyWatchYourMouth used to make.
The story: The fictional world is real, and it celebrates Christmas. A very angry bitter 28 year old OC who is living in the fictional world is visted by Lucifer in the form of multiple anime characters, telling him that he starred in a game one time called Destroy The Porn. He lost some of his porn in that game as well. And it wasn't related to triple fisting. He needs this man to go on a small journey to fend off a multitude of anime and game characters who each have one of the seven Dragon Balls. Apparently, devil porn is pretty rare. So only a magic dragon can return them. And this magic dragon is offering a Christmas deal. Get him the seven Dragon Ball props he hid, and he'll give you a wish, free of charge. And porn is right in his power.

I need voice actors who don't sound like the typical soft spoken abridged series voice actors you see on Youtube on average. So basically most people who don't live with mom and dad or kids. If you're a teen, you better be a well bred degenerate like me. I don't have much money since, as of the writing of this post, spent most of my Christmas cash on a wacom tablet and a lapel microphone for the thought of buying it, so I don't know if I can afford paid VA's for even a short project. So I ask, if anyone is willing to volunteer, then here are the roles I would need. And keep in mind, I have MUCH free time. You don't have to get to it right away.

The jokes are VERY racey at times.

(PS: I've already voice two characters. That would be Lucifer and the MC. But if anyone wants them, just tell me and I'll try to work it out.)

1: An obviously gay trap from Fate Grand Order called Astolfo.

2: An underaged retarded waifu for old men called Neptune from Neptunia. (I did a voice for her already by myself but I'm not planning on keeping it if someone wants it).

3: Someone who can do a good Gerudo Tribe member. A woman, since most but Ganondorf are women. Needs to feel like a good old Hylian porch monkey who likes to shit on your walls.

4: The two old bags from the Gerudo known as Koume and Kotake. Hoping to do a two different voices at the same
time kind of thing like how fusion in Dragon Ball works.

5: The king of the Hylian porch monkey's himself, Ganondorf.

6: Good old Jesus Christ.

7: Jar Jar Binks. Spoiler Alert: Your character will die.

8: A red headed waifu known as Rias Gremory.

9: Said waifus beta cuck boyfriend with a retarded borderline white knight obsession with hot or cute women.

10: A lesbian man hating Feminist who sounds like she just needs some dick. (Already taken by someone. If they back out, I'll tell you.)

11: Said lesbians lesbian friend who's questioning the life of the lesbian feminist when she dares question why it sounds like misandry.

12: An Asian airport cop who speaks like a stereotypical Asian.

13: Feminist soldiers of the final fortress.

14: The feminist boss of the Feminists who just so happens to be a woman who worships clothing from Kill La Kill. Spoiler: It's Ragyo.

15: Shenron. More like the TFS Shenron.

So far I've tested the waters by voicing 2 characters, and it's up to 6 minutes. It's probably not going to take you as an individual too long to voice anything here if you're interested and set your mind to it. I don't have much money. The only thing I can do, is offer you a shout out on my 227 subscriber Youtube channel. I'm relatively active on it for the most part, and I can credit your name, and anything like a Youtube channel in the credits and description of the video. I don't know if I can offer you any specific VA stuff unless you're okay with my slight lisp. But either way, that's what I'm asking. I also do hangouts on Google, live stream hangouts specifically. So if you want a more direct shout out, I can contact one of you at a time, and do specific hangouts with you one hangout at a time.

Otherwise, you'd be getting some pretty cheap payment from me in terms of money. And keep in mind, I am planning to post this in other places. I need VA's. So if you ARE interested... Hurry up and say so in case somewhere else I find someone.

You can find a preview where I did a test on it by voicing Neptune myself.

Yours truly, your local walking trigger warning, KaiserTrigger.
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Posted 12/25/17
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