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Posted 12/27/16
I've always ignored the Popular tab and instead selected my anime from the list of Updated anime, however as I was poking around today I couldn't help but notice that the Popular tab was incredibly disorganized (at least as far as I could tell). Although there's no indication as to how the titles on the list are chosen and subsequently ordered, one would typically think that a list based on popularity would showcase the most popular titles at the top and work its way down. Even assuming atypical formatting - at least from an American resident's point of view - i.e. starting the top of the list on the right and moving down, then progressing left, or starting from the top-right and moving left, then down, the list seems completely out of order.

For example, a title like Bloodivores is in almost every way possible (except for a list that starts top-left then moves downwards, progressing to the next column to the right after the first column, which would of course be ridiculous) above other far more popular titles like Attack on Titan. I mean, Bloodivores has almost as many 1-star reviews as it has 4 & 5-star reviews... In what world does that constitute a "popular" title, even in general?

Assuming there's no real rhyme or reason to the ordering of the titles on the Popular page, might I suggest a tab titled "Highest rated" instead? This will give a clear indication of how the anime are chosen, and would also allow people to identify highly-rated anime that may have gone under their radar.

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Posted 12/27/16
Popular varies by some undisclosed period of time, perhaps the current day, perhaps more/less than that. It is ordered by what is getting watched the most on the site in some present time window. In the past it used to be based on web views only, but whether or not that has changed with all the alternate devices, who knows if those are considered as influencing now or not... CR isn't going to give away any hard specifics about it though, due to non-disclosure clauses with the (literally) several hundred suppliers they have.

You can see the effects of any given currently popular simulcast temporarily out-shadowing, for a day or so, the names that mostly otherwise regularly bubble to the top due to having a big (mostly shonen) fan base and tons of episodes that get watches one after another.

Is it useful? Well, not to me, either... Of all the ones showing right now, I only follow one of them.

As for the rankings here, it is my own opinion that those aren't worth bothering with, either. There are too many people who rate everything 5 stars after one episode; they even sometimes do that before any episodes have been available at all... A better system would have been just a like/dislike or perhaps add in a "meh" in the middle (or not) so that each vote weighs evenly by person, instead of the OMG 5's overpowering the more considered votes. But they aren't going to change that now, it's too entrenched, and it doesn't really increase their bottom line to spend effort on it.

As to why they don't use the rank of what they do have, well, there's probably reasons they aren't allowed to. You won't see shows displayed in order of consumer rank on the other legit pay services, either, like Funi, Netflix, Hulu, etc... They will show you the rating, but not let you order by it. Commercial sites have to appease the suppliers, too, to continue doing business.
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