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Humble bundle $1 crunchy membership
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Posted 12/29/16 , edited 12/30/16
Its 1 dollar for a month for new users.

While this is free for certain links to do the same thing humble bundle sets a minimum or 1 dollar on things so you essentially are paying 1 dollar for the BLAME! volume and if you're interested in CR they offer a trial for new users (Because the bundle is mostly manga and CR has a manga section). This is to get people interested in CR.

It is true that they don't mention the new users part of this however the point is that its there to get more people to use CR.

That is how I see it.

They just updated it to be more clear.

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Posted 12/29/16 , edited 12/29/16
They probably were not aware that the codes are only for new members.

Kinda dumb why CR does this though. Just let us stack our subs.
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Posted 12/29/16
This happened to a friend of mine. IIRC, I think he said he got around it by using in-app purchases in the iOS app to buy a membership (though I think it was at the month-by-month rate rather than the discounted rate for buying a year all at once). FWIW, if you can't get anyone from CR support to get back to you, maybe try tweeting @Crunchyroll about that...
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Posted 12/30/16
I think since I've been a member before, I can't get this anyways. Good thing amazon payment doesn't let you use gift cards.
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Posted 12/23/17
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