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Post Reply What's your favourite Tokusatsu series?
Posted 8/6/17
I've watched most of the recent super sentai series got to look into some of the older ones sometime as for kamen Rider my favorites are gaim, ex-aid and fourze haven't seen any ultraman at all.
Posted 8/6/17
Kamen Rider Wizard. Hands down the best series ever. Haruto is god.
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Posted 12/3/17

oreoDX22 wrote:

octorockandroll wrote:
I only really gave a shot to that one from a couple years ago with the fruits. I was gonna give Ghost and Ex Aid a try but I ended up being too busy. The new one only starts once Im back in school too, so it looks like the only way Im gonna end up watching one to completion is by going back and watching an already finished show.

Considering my first kamen rider series is Ex- Aid I'd recommend it to you. It's a medical drama take on the series where people are infected with the game disease and the riders are doctors who are curing people of these diseases. It's on its 41-42nd episode now but it is really good. It's very story driven. I've heard that Ghost isn't worth diving into and Build looks really good. He's my avatar lol! I'm hoping Build is really good.

Okay so as per your recommendation I started watching Kamen Rider... Fourze.

I was really liking it at first, the main character was kooky but likeable and had some pretty unique values for this genre, always trying to find even ground with and befriend those around him even if he didn't like them at first. The Space theme was pretty cool, the monsters were very well designed, the gadgets all made me want to play with the toys and the transformation sequence was hype as hell.

And then they started fighting.

I don't want to sound like I'm coming down on the stuntsmen because I'm sure they put a lot of effort into this, but the combat was pretty monotonous. It gave me a new appreciation for the sentai spandex, because the more bulky kamen rider suit was noticeably restricting the actor's movements. I'm okay with this when it comes to something like Garo, because in that series they're all guys with swords in armor and the fight choreography reflects that, so the more sluggish movements are only sensible, but here you've got a guy doing a bunch of high flying karate moves in an outfit that is clearly counter-productive to the fighting style. It just looks so awkward when your hero looks like he's out of breath during the entire fight that he's supposed to be dominating. It was a pretty big hype killer.

I was also not a big fan of how much the show relied on cgi, and it was pretty bad cgi too. It looked like something out of the Power Rangers Wild Force era. That and some pretty mixed morals in the fourth episode sealed it for me. Maybe I started at the wrong series, but this definitely killed my interest in Kamen Rider.
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Posted 2/17/18
while i did enjoy Power Rangers,Beetleborgs,VR Troopers and Masked Rider growing up i'm unsure if i'd count those and the only one i've seen since i was older was Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger which i found quite enjoyable since it was a more mature parody of super sentai.
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Posted 3/20/18
Chouseishin Gransazer
Choukou Senshi Changéríon
Tomica Hero: Rescue Force
Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire
Chousei Kantai Sazer-X
Lion-Maru G
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Posted 3 days ago
I am a HUGE Super Sentai and Kamen Rider fan. I haven't watched many of the Kamen Riders or Super Sentai teams but I am totally in love with them! My first Kamen Rider was Wizard and Ghost. I watched Wizard because I was familiar with the actor (Shiraishi Shunya) in "Good Morning Call". Kamen Rider Ghost came at the recommendation of my best friend and despite having high hopes for Wizard, Ghost won me over more. I just liked the story of Ghost more and I know that Ghost has a lot of horrible reviews for it, but I still love it anyway.

There was an episode of Ghost that crossed over with Super Sentai and it was Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger and I thought it was kind of neat so that was my first Sentai team and it was instant love. It was just fun and I adore the main character Yamato because of his love for animals and his constant kindness and sense of forgiveness. Then there was a crossover with another Sentai team, Gokaiger that made me get that show. I watched Shuriken Sentai Nininnger which took a LOT of getting used to at first because where Yamato was quiet and sweet, Takaharu was loud and obnoxious. The show is sibling-centered and has them competing to be the last ninja which is a pretty cool storyline.

Gokaiger, however, ultimately is my absolute FAVORITE of the Sentai teams because all of the characters are rounded in personality and can surprise you. Through the whole thing they remain pirates who in the quest for the ultimate treasure, just HAPPEN to save earth. They get to use the powers of the previous Sentai teams and to see them develop and bond even more makes the show so worth the drama.

Back to Kamen Rider though, I also watched Kabuto which was decent. If you've seen the live action Black Butler movie you'll already be familiar with our hero. Mizushima Hiro is the reason I looked into Kabuto and I had seen the movie first, then the show. The movie is really weird and can't honestly be tied into the show at all. Despite watching Kabuto initially for our main rider, I ended up liking KickHopper and Gattack way more. The storyline can get really confusing at times and in my opinion has been the most depressing of the Kamen Rider series that I've seen. I haven't seen Gaim yet because I'm way too attached to Baron's actor, Kobayashi Yutaka.

I recently finished a rewatch of Kamen Rider Den-O, which follows Kabuto and that is my favorite. You have silly and obnoxious Imagins that possess the luckless Ryoutarou (played by Sato Takeru who was Kenshin in the live-action adaptation) and help him to fight the bad Imagins that want to destroy the future by ruining the past. If you're a fan of Okita from Gin Tama, you'll recognize the voice actor of Ryuutaros. Den-O is a lot of fun and really lacks the constant drama that can get overwhelming in the later Kamen Rider shows. It is due largely to the balance of comedy because the Imagins are always fighting with one another in the Den-Liner.

Back to Sentai, I've also seen Magiranger, which is also based around siblings and I wasn't into that one so much but it is still an excellent show. My other favorite Sentai team is Go-Onger, which I know is really silly but it's soooooooo great too! You have Sousuke, who is a racer and he becomes a Go-Onger when trying to help stop the villains from attacking after a race. Their Zord is composed of sentient vehicles (yay Speedor!!) and they're all adorable and hilarious. Later in the show, Go-On Wings appear and Go-On Gold is played by the same actor who was in Kamen Rider Kabuto as Kamen Rider KickHopper.

With Kamen Rider and especially Super Sentai, you have to remember that the target audience is essentially children. Way too many adults enter these shows with a serious mindset as an adult and end up not liking it because it's not up to par with adult standards Why would it be? Power Rangers is just as campy, if not worse, than any Super Sentai and Kamen Rider that I've seen. I've seen Ninja Steel, SPD, and most of Dino-Charge. I also grew up with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I still like Super Sentai a lot more due to the fight sequences and just everything seems to actually work and the humor isn't nearly as forced. It might just be me though because American humor can be hard for me to take, especially in kid shows. The constant puns and needing to say something intelligent during every fight in Power Rangers got old real fast so it is a welcome relief to not have it a lot in Super Sentai.
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